Does insurance cover assisted living

Assisted Living Facilities and How Insurance Plays A Role

Does insurance cover assisted living facilities? You might think it doesn’t. You might think that there’s no one comprehensive plan to protect all aspects of the operation. However, as the demand for facilities like these has increased, insurance companies have adapted to ensure they have offerings that meet their clients’ unique demands Comprehensive plans can cover everything from general liability to the Jacuzzi, meaning there’s no reason for a facility not to be covered.

Independent care facilities have a complex risk profile, with potential issues arising anywhere from a bus shuttle getting into an accident on the way to the movies to an employee falling underneath heavy medical equipment. Because of that, it is necessary that coverage extends across the entire facility and shields everyone working or living there. No matter what boutique services are offered, they should be protected.

Further, insurance companies can do a lot more for assisted living facilities than react to potential issues. Many companies are not offering risk management services and engaging in proactive actions to help limit potential claims and set everyone up for success. Management usually includes observing the facilities and providing training to any medical and non-medical staff. Typically, the company then creates a risk profile and share it with the client.

So, does insurance cover assisted living facilities? Not only is the answer in the affirmative, but insurance companies can also work with you to prevent issues, as well.