Recreational marine insurance programs

3 Benefits of Recreational Boat Insurance

Toss on a life jacket and hit the water in your boat on a warm sunny day for recreational fun. The day is hot and the water is cool perfect for water skiing, tubing or swimming. Protect your boat and yourself against financial loss in the event of an accident. Recreational marine insurance programs provide owners with three key benefits.

Liability Coverage

Cover your liabilities in the event your boat hits another vessel whether due to a freak storm or plain bad luck. Instead of you having to pay the full amount, the insurance helps you cover the costs.

Property Damage

Repairs or full replacement of your boat can be very expensive. Insurance steps in and covers the costs of those repairs many up to the full cost of the boat. In addition, they often cover the towing and transportation of the vessel to the repair facility.

Bodily Injury

While no one wishes anyone to get hurt while out on the water, accidents do happen. The insurance helps cover the cost of treatment and hospitalization due to a boating accident.

Take advantage of these benefits provided by recreational marine insurance programs. They can save you money and time. Stay safe out on the water and enjoy the peace of mind of a solid insurance plan.