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3 Signs You Need a New Business Insurance Agent

Purchasing business insurance coverage in Orlando is one of the smartest things you can do to protect and grow your business. If you have an excellent working relationship with your agent, you probably realize the many benefits of having a great provider. If things are a bit off, it may be time to go shopping with a new agent. Here are three signs your company should replace its business insurance agent.

1. Your Agent Forgets About Your Bottom Line

If your company operates in the black, you may have money to spend on business insurance coverage in Orlando. Still, your agent should keep your bottom line in mind. If your agent doesn’t regularly research how to save you money, you may need a new one.

2. Your Agent Doesn’t Return Your Calls

If you don’t return your customers’ calls, they don’t continue to do business with your company. The same should apply to your agent. If you can’t get a callback, it’s probably time to get a new insurance provider.

3. Your Agent Doesn’t Know the Market

As your business grows, your agent must adapt. If he or she doesn’t have the in-depth knowledge required to meet your company’s needs, you should probably look for one that does.

While business insurance can be complicated, the right agent can usually help you navigate through it. If you don’t have the right agent, it may be time to go shopping for a new one.