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Concerns of Malpractice in Care Giving

Many elderly citizens, due to placement in facilities that are poorly managed, face the possibility of neglect or abuse at the hands of staff and workers in nursing homes. As an owner, you have a responsibility to your residents and the staff you have in place should be well trained and sympathetic by nature. After all, they are being tasked with the safety and well being of the people in their care.

The list of potential causes and/or signs of abuse or neglect includes dehydration and malnutrition, bedsores, injuries caused by restraints, unexplained fractures, and any other signs of physical abuse. Accusations and claims of mistreatment can badly damage both, your financial picture and your firm’s reputation. Claims can also have an adverse effect on your nursing home insurance cost.

Nursing home malpractice

Nursing home malpractice claims are often the result of physical, mental and sexual abuse where the primary caregiver, usually a nurse or attendant left alone with their victim, subjects them to deliberate harm. This can occur in both sexual and non-sexual ways, which may include inappropriate sexual contact, beatings, starvation and abandonment.

Evidence of assault includes bruises, blisters, or other unexplained marks which might appear anywhere on the victim’s body. Other obvious signs of neglect can include unsanitary living conditions, along with poorly kept bathing areas and toilets. Because nursing home residents are generally older and in poorer health than seniors living on their own they may become easy prey.

Regardless of how efficient a nursing home looks, if it is poorly staffed, or staffed with the wrong type of people, problems will eventually surface. It’s imperative for nursing home staff members to be attentive at all times, especially to patients who suffer from physical disabilities and cognitive impairments such as dementia or Alzheimer’s.

To help maintain lower nursing home insurance cost, nursing homes should remain clean and clear of any environmental hazards as well, which can also lead to accidents or injuries, and anytime this issue present, the problem should be cleaned up or removed immediately.

While attendants may be required to sedate seniors, any sedation that exceeds the required dosage falls under the category of nursing home neglect, and specific instances of nursing home malpractice, which includes issuing a careless diagnosis, providing substandard medical attention, or actions leading to physical injury, emotional trauma and even death, could likely result in litigation against the staff and the owners.