Agents Having Success with Online Marketing

Now that consumers have become comfortable going online to learn about and shop for insurance products and services, it’s time to really step up your game. Insurers have undergone the process of increasing their online presence through their company’s Insurance Websites and understand the upside of this marketing strategy. If you are still hesitant you should check out a few simple ways to raise the visibility of your agency’s website, in ways that will hopefully give you the confidence to move forward.

Give your website a distinct look and feel

One of the easiest and most beneficial ways to distinguish your agency’s site from that of others is to use distinct and easy-to-read fonts. Making good use of promotional materials and advertisements will also help enable your visitors to differentiate between trustworthy sites, such as yours, that offer strong and healthy insurance solutions, distinguishing them from sites that lack that special professional touch.

Making proper use of your news feed

One of the best ways to gain consumer trust is to add a news feed to your website that is constantly updated, This will give it a certain authenticity to visitors and prospects, and even currently insureds will be impressed by your ability to target current, market-related news items. Stay up on all of the latest insurance news so you can share it in a timely manner.

Post free surveys on your website

Surveys are a great way to further help you to connect with those visiting your site. Many agencies have found that adding a guestbook to the site is a great way to invite feedback from visitors. Messages left in the guestbook can also be a very helpful tool for learning ways to improve your current business structure. There are systems available that allow you to receive email notifications when new comments are added giving you the ability to preview messages before they’re actually posted. This way, you’re able to weed out any inappropriate postings before they go live.

Many agencies utilize a virtual tour

Adding a virtual tour is a great way to familiarize new prospects with your business as well as present you in a professional light. By providing a series of still photos with detailed captions about individual agents first-time visitors won’t feel like they’re dealing with robots. The idea is to turn your Insurance Websites into stylized, visual web spaces, full of valuable information aimed at enticing prospects, hopefully making you a top choice for all of their insurance needs.