Auto Dealer Insurance and Workers Comp Issues

Employers of car dealerships need to continually alert their staff about safety concerns while working. They need to constantly be proactive when it comes to providing a safe workplace for their employees. Auto dealer insurance, in the form of workers comp coverage, will aid in the physical and financial recovery of those employees who may experience injuries while at work, but having safety procedures in place can help prevent injuries from occurring in the first place.


Helpful ways to improve dealership safety


Owners and supervisors must be aware of hazards that exist, as well as inform workers of known dangers and put measures in place to inform about (as well as correct) those issues and areas of concern. The following are examples of common practices that owners can implement in order to improve job site safety:


  • Provide a safe and healthy workplace


  • Ensure that workers are adequately trained


  • Keep written records of training


  • Establish and maintain a comprehensive occupational health and safety program


  • Include a written health and safety policy and an incident investigation procedure


  • Support safety coordinators and workers on their health and safety activities


  • Take immediate action after a report of a potentially hazardous situation, and


  • Initiate an immediate investigation into incidents


In addition, they need to report serious incidents to the proper authorities and provide adequate first aid facilities and services, along with providing personal protective equipment where required.


One thing that can greatly improve existing conditions is having regular worker safety meetings. New employee training should occur as soon as possible, and before any actual work duties are issued. The supervisor on duty should ensure this training takes place.


Supervisors should instruct workers in safe work procedures at all times, and check that their work is being done safely. They should also ensure that only authorized, adequately trained workers operate tools and equipment or use hazardous chemicals, and that equipment and materials are properly handled, stored, and maintained.


By enforcing health and safety requirements, correcting unsafe acts and conditions, and identifying workers with problems that could affect safety at the work site, supervisors are helping maintain a safe work environment, and reducing costs for auto dealer workers comp claims. However, the employer has the legal responsibility to ensure that every worker receives auto dealer insurance for workers compensation, especially for those times when claims arise.


photo credit: Century 21 Champ Realty -Bill Stevenson cc