Benefits of Having a Good Insurance Lead Program

A good insurance lead program is designed to increase an agent’s book of business.
When the time comes to purchase real-time insurance leads there are a few factors that will help to determine whether a campaign is successful. The most important aspect of any lead program is to ensure that an agent goes into the process with the right expectations and the knowledge they need to succeed.

When it comes to working leads, one must try to respond to each lead that comes in as soon as possible. Whether you buy shared leads or exclusive leads the consumer is most likely shopping around so you’ll always have some level of urgency when it comes to beating out the competition. By catching the prospect when they’re fully engaged you’ll probably realize a much higher close rate.

The importance of knowing your product

When it comes to phone (and face-to-face) sales you have be able to solve problems quickly and overcome a few obstacles. By not knowing your product well and being able to answer questions quickly and intelligently, your going to struggle with the process.

The value of cross selling

By taking full advantage of every prospect you have the opportunity to speak with you’ll find that many are prime candidates for multiple products you represent. Asking the right questions and establishing a rapport will help get you to the next level of profitability.

Always stay organized

This is crucial because if you operate from a cluttered workspace, you’re going to become befuddled at some point. Find a system that works best for you and offers seamless organization. This might be a carrier based system or a 3rd party CRM or Rater, and remember that some services will offer an in-house lead management system for customers.

Do extensive follow up

Never give up on a lead unless they tell you to stop contacting them. The average prospect can take up to five or more attempts to make contact, which is why follow up is a major factor to success. Make at least 6 or 7 attempts to contact a lead. If you don’t have any luck simply add the contact information to your email and direct mail lists for ongoing drip marketing.

Also keep in mind that lead sources can fluctuate in terms of both volume and quality. It’s important to know where you stand with every source you use and know when it is time to increase lead flow or pause a service all together. Making use of a good insurance lead program is your best chance at being profitable.