SEO for insurance

Better Search Results

Research shows that 93% of adults use online searches to find businesses and services. In order to capitalize on this, a customized SEO for insurance strategy can help you to turn searchers into customers. When you align the structure and content of your website with the kinds of searches consumers are conducting, you increase visibility and make it more likely that a click on your page will give the searcher satisfying results.

What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a strategy that takes into consideration your content and the needs of consumers, then tailors your materials to respond to common search terms and combinations of terms. Among the elements of a good SEO strategy are:

  • keyword discovery
  • relevant, quality content
  • website optimization
  • locally-oriented search options

Each of these components works together to improve the rank of your website on search engines and drive consumers to your site.

Answer Questions and Solve Problems

Companies with active blogs generate far more inbound links than companies whose web presence is more static. A regular blog gives you a chance to answer customer questions, and offer solutions for common problems. When people find helpful content, they are motivated to spend more time and share more information. Let an SEO for insurance strategy help to increase your web traffic and your bottom line.