3 Ways to Beef Up Your Cybersecurity

Reaching global networks and expanding your business worldwide is an amazing feat in today’s technology-saturated age. However, with these abundant connections leaves the possibility for constant cyber risks. If you’re preparing to upgrade your existing prevention measures and are looking for options like cybersecurity insurance to save your company from damaging digital attacks, here are three ways to beef up your cybersecurity.

  1. Update your systems regularly. Don’t ignore those constant update windows popping up on your screen. Implementing all the necessary software updates, patches and fixes is crucial for keeping your system less vulnerable to hacks.
  2. Take precautions and buy cybersecurity insurance. Having so many connections open online through your business’s computer system is simply asking for trouble. Stay ahead of any large data breaches or hacks by finding a proper cyber risk coverage plan that helps with any liability issues.
  3. Make password changes a mandatory rule. Enforcing this policy in the office ensures that passwords aren’t as easily susceptible to hackers since strong passwords are one of the best defenses against cyber thieves.
    Don’t take your company’s cyber security for granted in today’s growing digital age. Optimize your computer system against technological vulnerabilities — which are becoming more prevalent by the day — and improve your risk prevention with things like cyber security insurance.

Equipment Breakdown and Facility Coverage Rates

Nursing homes have implemented advanced technology and new equipment to improve the quality of care and comfort they provide to their residents and staff. However, relying on an assortment of electrical, mechanical and computer-controlled equipment to support operations presents its own concerns, which means your clients have a need for equipment breakdown insurance in the event of an equipment malfunction.

Electricity is such a critical part of the equation since it determines whether most equipment will function when needed. As a backup, many owners make sure that their facilities are equipped with emergency generators to support critical functions during electrical service interruptions. The need for additional policies must be factored in, as this will increase the nursing home insurance rates for your clients.

Business interruption can be quite costly

Society’s growing demand for power has extended to the health sector, which is more and more dependent upon electricity to operate safely. Business interruption, in addition to any necessary repairs that must take place, can be extremely costly, especially if conditions require moving residents to an alternate location for any amount of time. For example, if the air conditioning units fail to function during intensely hot weather, the elderly, many of whom may be in poor or even failing health, would require relocation to a properly functioning facility.

An improperly cleared electrical arc can also destroy circuit breakers, motors and electronic control equipment utilized to support facility operations. This can lead to significant property damage and interruption of normal operations for days until repairs can be made or replacements can be installed. Plus, the cost without insurance could be in the area of around $50,000 in property damage and perhaps $100,000 in business interruption.

Boilers, air conditioning, heating, and ventilation equipment are also needed to provide comfort to residents and others visiting or working at the facility. Although this equipment is generally quite reliable, power outages are not all that uncommon.

Sensitive business machinery is highly susceptible to the perils of equipment breakdown. Most jurisdictions require boilers and pressure vessels to be regularly inspected by a qualified service technician. These services may be provided at no charge as part of any equipment breakdown coverage. Brokers should take the time to secure the best nursing home insurance rates for clients faced with the possibility of costly equipment malfunctions.


Look Into Your Options on Your Next Life Policy

A 10 pay whole life plan is a variation of whole life insurance in which the insured is being provided with a policy that is paid up for life with only 10 years of premium payments. The permanent life insurance plan is good for certain individuals as it features lifetime insurance coverage, the guarantees of a whole life plan, cash and loan values, reduced paid-up insurance options, and good dividend accumulation.

For many, life insurance is a type of safety net for family solely dependent on the main breadwinner; someone whom, if they were unable to work, or had their life cut short, would make it very difficult for their dependents to carry on. Life insurance can be the foundation for a family’s financial protection.

Why some people choose to participate

When shopping around for an insurance policy that you feel will best serve your needs, you may like the fact that the return is a little higher with a 10 pay policy than with most traditional life policies. You may also prefer that the policy is modeled in such a way that you don’t have to make payments for the rest of your life. Still, while some people don’t agree it is the best way to invest money, you do get all of the advantages that come with purchasing a life insurance contract.

A question that is often asked is, why would you choose to pay premiums in a 10 pay whole life policy rather than pay the premiums over your lifetime? The answer is quite simple. Some individuals during their peak income-earning years may be in a more comfortable position to pay the significantly higher premiums of a 10 pay whole life plan rather than pay lower premiums throughout their retirement until age 100 or beyond. That is what is required when buying a traditional whole life policy.

When you consider purchasing your next life insurance plan, consider if a 10 pay whole life plan is the right life insurance plan for you and your family. It has many benefits that could be the right plan to meet your specific financial needs.


Cyber Insurance: What You Need to Know

If you’re just starting a business or are thinking of evaluating your insurance policy to be sure you have enough coverage, now may be a good time to consider the benefits of purchasing data breach insurance. This valuable insurance can protect you in the event of a breach. Before you get started, here are some things to know.

Anyone Could Benefit

Businesses of all size can benefit from purchasing a data breach insurance policy. Even if you’re a one-man operation, your business could be at risk for a breach. If you operate a website, are on social media, handle transactions electronically or sell your product or service online, you could be vulnerable to an attack.

Most General Policies Don’t Cover Attack’s

You may think that your general liability insurance policy covers data breaches, but you may want to check your policy. Most general insurance policies don’t cover these types of incidents which could leave your business at severing financial risk if an event were to occur.

It can Help Before a Breach Occurs

Having data breach insurance could help your business even before an incident occurs. Your insurance carrier can meet with you to see what measures you currently have in place and make recommendations for upgrades where appropriate. Some carriers even offer in-person training and seminars for your employees so they know how to safely handle sensitive information and how to protect your company from a potential breach.

Knowing how cyber insurance works, you may want to consider adding it to your insurance policy. That way, if a breach occurs, you can rest easy knowing you’re prepared.

Settle Unexpected Dog Bite Injuries with Peace of Mind

You purchase car insurance to cover damage to another person’s vehicle if you’re in an accident. Similarly, it’s important to have appropriate dog insurance in the unexpected event that your dog causes injury to another person. This allows for easy dog bite insurance settlements so you can move forward without potentially large financial loss.

Dog bites are never the desired outcome of an animal-human encounter, but they do happen. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 4.7 million people experience dog bites each year. This is a staggering number and one that should encourage you to seek coverage that isn’t included in a traditional pet, home, or renter’s insurance.

While you likely have taken the time and energy to train your dog and ensure good behavior, the reality is that dog bites are rarely expected. You and your dog may find yourselves in an unanticipated situation where the dog is frightened or becomes defensive. Even well-behaved dogs can react in surprising ways when defending their most loved companion, you. Other animals can also show aggression toward your dog and cause a situation to escalate and a person trying to intervene to get bitten. With the proper coverage, dog bite insurance settlements can cover the person’s medical expenses and lead to a quick resolution.

Insurance Solutions for VMS and MSP Agencies

As a managed services provider, your business model brings with it a complicated risk picture. Such a specialized collection of liability sources also requires a sophisticated risk management strategy to protect you, your vendors and your clients. From general liability to cyber coverage, your insurance policies should be crafted to safeguard your vendor management services firm from serious fiduciary losses.

Multifaceted Strategies for Protection

It’s easy to think of liability in terms of traditional types of exposures, such as automobile accidents, on-the-job incidents or property damage. Of course, there are also issues of fiduciary responsibility and duty of care, particularly when it comes to managing investments, health programs or employee benefits, and claims that may arise based on negligence or intentionally abusive acts. Multiply all these by the number of clients you serve and vendors you’ve partnered with, and you can see why your potential liability can grow exponentially. Your insurance should take all these into account, providing specific kinds of claims protection such as:

  • Cybersecurity and privacy coverage
  • Abusive acts liability
  • Employment practices liability
  • Fiduciary liability
  • Hired and non-owned auto coverage
  • Property and inland marine

Putting the Pieces Together

A staffing insurance firm providing flexible options can craft a customized coverage package for your business. With the right combination of products, indemnity protection for your vendor management services company becomes greater than the sum of its parts.

Risks to Your Data

For companies to go digital has been convenient for CEOs, employees and consumers. In some ways, however, it has left openings in security for the wrong people to get their hands on important financial or personal information. Without insurance for big data, how do you keep your business safe? The truth is that it can be difficult to do so and here are some of the risks that make it that way.

Lost or Stolen Devices

Sometimes devices can be lost or stolen. Whether it’s your personal or business device or one of your employees’, there is usually a lot of sensitive information at stake. It can be easy for that information to end up in the wrong hands. Once it’s out there, what can you do about it? Without liability coverage, there isn’t much you can do.


Phishing schemes are common. Generally, this is when someone is tricked into giving out information through an email. Again, this can give access to financial information to malicious people. In fact, this is one of the most common problems that companies are faced with.

At the end of the day, data isn’t always safe. It’s best that you have everything backed up and protected. Insurance for big data is one way of keeping your data secure.

Nightclub Coverages You Didn’t Know You Needed

If you run a nightclub, then you’ve probably heard about nightclub insurance. Under different insurance programs, you can get different coverages. Here are a few coverages you may not have realized that you need.

Liquor Liability

Alcohol should be number one on your mind. If your club serves it, then you have to be aware of how intoxicated people may behave. Some patrons may become aggressive or destructive. The last thing you need is to have to pay for lost property because of one customer’s actions. This is why liquor liability is necessary.

Assault and Battery Liability

Have you ever had a fight break out in your nightclub? Some nightclub business insurance programs offer coverage specifically catered towards assault and battery. If someone is assaulted in your club, you will be covered for any legal proceedings.

Bouncer Liability

In order to help keep fights to a minimum and ensure your patrons’ safety, you will probably need to hire bouncers. Sometimes bouncers may be injured on the job or they may accidentally injure someone else when ejecting them from the bar. Some nightclub business insurance programs can offer compensation for these cases.

Never let your nightclub go unprotected. There are several coverages that will keep you and your customers safe. All you need is the right insurance.

Close the Gaps With Non-Owned Auto Liability Insurance

As a staffing firm, your company already has enough liability exposure on its hands. If your contractors use their own cars, rent automobiles or operate your clients’ vehicles during the course of business, you absolutely must add a policy to handle the related claims to your staffing agency insurance package. The perfect answer for this type of risk is hired and non-owned auto liability coverage.

What Hired and Non-Owned Auto Liability Does for You

When your employees rent vehicles or drive those belonging to your clients, their actions automatically add another avenue of potential liability. They may be asked to purchase extra coverage from the rental agency, and your contracts with clients may require you to assume responsibility for damages caused by your staff.

While hired and non-owned auto coverages are a common addition to business insurance policies, some versions do not handle property or bodily injury claims related to a contract worker operating a client automobile. It’s vital to make sure that this component of your staffing agency insurance provides coverage in those instances. If not, and if your agency doesn’t make it possible to add on, switching insurance brokers may be the best solution.

Staffing Insurance Brokers With Sophisticated Solutions

Staffing insurance can be a complex and at times puzzling aspect of doing business. However, choosing a respected service provider with access to the global marketplace and top-rated carriers results in fully customized solutions that fit your firm’s needs.

Concerns of Malpractice in Care Giving

Many elderly citizens, due to placement in facilities that are poorly managed, face the possibility of neglect or abuse at the hands of staff and workers in nursing homes. As an owner, you have a responsibility to your residents and the staff you have in place should be well trained and sympathetic by nature. After all, they are being tasked with the safety and well being of the people in their care.

The list of potential causes and/or signs of abuse or neglect includes dehydration and malnutrition, bedsores, injuries caused by restraints, unexplained fractures, and any other signs of physical abuse. Accusations and claims of mistreatment can badly damage both, your financial picture and your firm’s reputation. Claims can also have an adverse effect on your nursing home insurance cost.

Nursing home malpractice

Nursing home malpractice claims are often the result of physical, mental and sexual abuse where the primary caregiver, usually a nurse or attendant left alone with their victim, subjects them to deliberate harm. This can occur in both sexual and non-sexual ways, which may include inappropriate sexual contact, beatings, starvation and abandonment.

Evidence of assault includes bruises, blisters, or other unexplained marks which might appear anywhere on the victim’s body. Other obvious signs of neglect can include unsanitary living conditions, along with poorly kept bathing areas and toilets. Because nursing home residents are generally older and in poorer health than seniors living on their own they may become easy prey.

Regardless of how efficient a nursing home looks, if it is poorly staffed, or staffed with the wrong type of people, problems will eventually surface. It’s imperative for nursing home staff members to be attentive at all times, especially to patients who suffer from physical disabilities and cognitive impairments such as dementia or Alzheimer’s.

To help maintain lower nursing home insurance cost, nursing homes should remain clean and clear of any environmental hazards as well, which can also lead to accidents or injuries, and anytime this issue present, the problem should be cleaned up or removed immediately.

While attendants may be required to sedate seniors, any sedation that exceeds the required dosage falls under the category of nursing home neglect, and specific instances of nursing home malpractice, which includes issuing a careless diagnosis, providing substandard medical attention, or actions leading to physical injury, emotional trauma and even death, could likely result in litigation against the staff and the owners.