Important Accountant Insurance Coverage

When searching for insurance for accountants, it may be hard to figure out what exactly you need. Working with an insurance company which focuses its coverage for accounting businesses can help with narrowing everything down and getting the exact coverage you need. There are a variety of insurance types and liabilities that should and can be covered, so keep in mind your likely risks and how to protect from them.

Who Can Get Accountant Coverage?

Financial advisory and handling can be a risky job and is a part of a handful of businesses and professions. If your work can lead to the financial loss of someone or a business due to acts of negligence and inaccuracy, then insurance for accountants may be ideal for you. This can include:



Payroll services

Business or Management Consultants


Tax Preparers

What Policies Do You Need?

While every business is different, there are a few insurance policies which will benefit any accounting or other financial services. Professional Liability may be the most important, as small mistakes can lead to huge losses and lawsuits. Others to consider are:

Business Insurance

General Liability

Commercial Property

Business interruption

Cyber Liability

Privacy Coverage

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Workers Compensation

Other policies may be more unique, depending on if you are stationed out of a building that’s at risk of weather disasters, for example. This is why working with insurance companies to get all the best coverage can help you in the long run.

How to Choose The Right Marina or Yacht Club to Join

Marinas and yacht clubs are exclusive social clubs designed for nautical newbies and experienced sea lovers alike. Activities can range from sailing, fishing, power boating, racing events, as well as programs for junior water lovers. Your local marina or yacht club may even offer a swimming pool as an additional membership benefit. Many clubs also have restaurant and dining options for members and guests.

So how do you pick which marina or yacht club to join? Here are some of the major things to consider:

  • Cost: Pick a club that you can afford so it doesn’t become a financial burden.
  • Location: If you choose a club that is a great distance from your home you may never use it.
  • Amenities: What kinds of programs do they offer? Do they allow junior memberships (if applicable)?
  • Management: Is the club well run? Does it have adequate marina liability insurance to protect members, staff and property? Are the finances well managed?

Once you do a little homework and consider your options for marina and yacht club membership you are likely to find a group that will meet your needs and become a great source of entertainment and recreation for you and your family.

The Top Misconceptions About Restaurant Protection

When it comes to protection for restaurants, there are a few misconceptions about restaurant insurance. These myths tend to leave restaurants unprotected. If you’re a smaller restaurant and suffer a lawsuit without insurance, it can be devastating. Here are a couple of myths to be aware of.

Smaller Restaurants Don’t Have to Worry About Lawsuits

Many businesses buy into this misconception. They think that businesses with deep pockets are the only ones that have to worry about lawsuits. This isn’t true. Anyone can be sued and anyone can be found liable. No matter how much money you have, if you are judged liable, you have to pay the money. You may end up with your wages garnished or your assets seized without insurance.

Errors and Omissions Insurance Is for Other Industries

If you’ve shopped for insurance before, then you probably know that E&O insurance is crucial to doctors, accounts and lawyers. Did you know it could be necessary in the restaurant industry as well? The truth is that any industry can make mistakes! If you offer any type of catering service or if you host parties at your restaurants, then odds are, you could make a costly mistake and have to worry about an unhappy client.

If you own a restaurant, then you need restaurant insurance. Make sure to check over the coverages thoroughly to make sure that you have the best protection possible.

Getting Ready for the Future With Insurance

The diverse population and large landscape of Texas make it a prime spot for restaurateurs. Its not uncommon to find a Chinese buffet next to a Tex-Mex spot across from an all-American diner. That is why it is no surprise many have decided to open their own location. Unfortunately, many can fail to acquire the right insurance and are forced to close after just one financial issue. Thankfully, restaurant insurance in Texas is easy to come by as Texas has plenty of great agencies willing to help business managers.

What Coverages Should I Consider?

If you don’t have much experience with the industry, you may be wondering what policies are worth your time. One of these is general liability. General liability is a standard across most industries. This policy can take care of any personal damages that a third-party or clients undergo at your establishment.

If you are making deliveries or transporting catering, your vehicle can be involved in nasty accidents. This is just one reason why commercial auto is of utmost importance for Texas business owners. Not only because it is required by law but also because it can really save you from headaches in the future.

Restaurant insurance in Texas is much easier to deal with if you work with the right agency. Once you have the right package, then you are set for plenty years of booming business.

Have Your Event Go Off Without a Hitch with the Right Insurance

People love to see concerts and movie premiers, attend festivals and learn something new. Venues of various sizes and interests house large and small events open to the public. Entertaining the public comes with a host of liabilities the business takes on. Entertainment public liability insurance protects the business in the event of a lawsuit arising from the event.

Liquor Liability

If you plan to serve liquor at the event, you need a liquor liability policy. Drunk people let loose on a venue can cause damage to the property, themselves and others. Liquor liability covers the business’ liability in the event something happens.

General Liability

Some venues require a general liability insurance policy to rent them. The policy covers the financial losses resulting in property damage or bodily injury occurring on the premises of everyone employed for the event.

Cancellation Insurance

Depending on the location of the event, natural disasters such as a tornado or hurricane can cause you to cancel your event. Cancellation insurance helps you recoup the deposits and costs already paid for the event if you need to cancel.

These are some of the common insurance policies needed by event holders. The types of entertainment public liability insurance policies needed depend on the event and location. Speak to an insurance agent to determine exactly what exposures your event has and what protection you need.

How to Take Care of Your Homeowners Association

A homeowners association should protect its residents. In case of a disaster, an HOA has to have insurance coverage to protect itself and its residents. There is a lot that HOAs are responsible. For instance, HOAs have to comply with laws, maintain common areas and budget the community. It is important to take good care of your association. The only way to do that is through insurance from an HOA insurance company.

Insurance Coverages

When it comes to insurance coverages, there are policies designed for HOAs. A good insurance company will be able to customize the policies to suit your needs. Some of these policies include:

  • Crime insurance
  • Cyber liability insurance
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Directors & Officers Liability

An HOA is a business and you need to treat it as such. Of course, you can count on these policies to be specialized. Keep in mind that HOAs are still prone to many of the same risks as any other business.

When it comes to finding the right HOA insurance company, you need to take into account that a provider that has experience with homeowners’ associations. These providers are more likely to understand the unique circumstances that your organization has so it will be able to insure you more accurately. Do not forego insurance. The consequences can be costly if you do.

Don’t Buy the Misconceptions About Lawyer Liability Insurance

Don’t Buy the Misconceptions About Lawyer Liability Insurance
Professional liability insurance is common in almost every industry. It’s necessary to protect your business against lawsuits for alleged malpractice, errors and omissions and other issues. When it comes to lawyers, many smaller firms believe that they don’t need legal liability insurance. This is due to a few misconceptions that simply aren’t true.

Too Few Clients to Worry

Some lawyers believe that if they only have a small client base that the odds are in their favor. This isn’t necessarily true. It only takes one unhappy client for you to need professional liability insurance. Due to the misconception that there is less risk, lawyers might opt out because they don’t think it’s worth it.

If the Suit is Unfounded There Is No Point

Some legal professionals believe that if there is no reason to get coverage if the suit is groundless. Still, you need to stay covered for legal expenses, even if there is no validity behind the suit. Having liability insurance protects you, no matter if the suit is valid.

When it comes to legal liability insurance, all lawyers need it. It doesn’t matter if you have a small or large firm. It offers you protection in the even that a client holds you responsible for errors, malpractice and other issues.

Saving Your Investments With Strong Policies

California is one of the most business-friendly states in the country. Its large tourism industry, bustling Silicon Valley and gorgeous suburbs make it the right spot for investments. Restaurants are just one option. However, it is crucial to obtain restaurant insurance in California if you plan on taking advantage of this state for years to come. Here just a few coverages that benefit restaurants.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation coverage can really come in handy during accidents. This policy manages the medical expenses and lost wages of employees if they fall ill due to job-related incidents. One example would be an employee slipping on a wet floor. You may likely have to pay for their medical treatment. Another type of expense this coverage can handle is lost wages. This can help an employee during their recovery.

This policy also matters because by California law every business with at least one employee must acquire it. Therefore, workers’ compensation is valuable if you want your business to operate under the law.

Liquor Liability

If your establishment sells liquor, then you may be held liable for any damages a customer causes while inebriated. Depending on your policy, you can pay for personal and property damage.

Navigating the world of restaurant insurance in California is simple when you work with the right agency. Contact one today to learn more.

The 3 Reasons HOA Insurance is Necessary for a Community Association

Just as a homeowner protects their home with insurance, it’s necessary for a community association to find the right coverage. There are many HOA insurance programs that provide coverage for a variety of situations.

1. Protecting Against Crime

Crime is inevitable regardless of the city or neighborhood the association is in. Crime can range from individuals breaking in and stealing items to fraud and forgery involved in moving, sending wire transfers, and even problems related to employees. Having insurance that covers these issues makes it easier to stay on top of all the other pressing issues that come from running an association.

2. Coverage for Community Directors and Officers

Community directors and officers involved with the association can face problems that range from claims to lawsuits. Members of the association can file these against directors and officers if they believe there is a violation of their rights. Thankfully, HOA insurance programs have special coverage known as D&O (directors and officers).

3.Protection Against Cyber Risks

Banks aren’t the only institutions affected by cyber attacks. If there is a network breach of security, it’s important to stay covered with insurance that can handle everything from credit monitoring to claim defense.

HOA insurance programs are more than just an extra add-on. They protect an association from any possible unforeseen tragedy and allow them to focus on business as usual.

The Skill and Knowledge to Protect You

Insurance is not just about the fine print. If you do not have the right agent there by your side during the entire process, then you may face an unpleasant experience. You may also find yourself straddled with expensive, mediocre or unnecessary policies. That is why choosing the right agent matters. When you pick our North Star Insurance agents, you can receive the best care and customer service possible.

Comprehensive Experience

We have served New England for over two decades. This has gifted us with the history and experience of the area that really matters. Our agents know what kinds of policies work and do not work for you. We also have knowledge of the industry trends and information regarding your particular need or market. This way you can receive the kinds of coverage that can serve you well.

Fantastic Service

North Star Insurance agents work hard around the clock to give each and every client the service they deserve. With us, you can obtain the right kinds of policies in a efficient manner. If you file a claim, you can trust that it can be handled with great attention and speed.

Our agents are ready to assist you in all your insurance needs. We also offer risk management services to help prevent future incidents. Contact one of us today and get started on your future!