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Fraud and Workers Compensation Insurance Rates in Orlando

The problem with dealing with accusations of workers’ compensation fraud is that it can be difficult to prove. Still, there are actions employers can take to reduce this risk, which is important, since claims of this nature can seriously affect workers compensation insurance rates in Orlando.

Employers should understand the nuances of the program as well as their own obligations to their employees. Any policy chosen should provide the necessary benefits related to the type of work performed and employers should clearly outline that suspicions of fraud will be investigated and legally pursued wherever and whenever warranted.

A workers comp insurance claim needs to be filed in a timely manner. Employers need to ensure that employees understand their responsibility to immediately report any accidents or injuries as soon as they occur. Getting an injury treated faster is key to helping the individual recover quickly and also likely minimize any associated costs.

Conduct a thorough investigation related to these claims 

Claims investigation should be done to ensure they’re being handled consistently within the law. Investigating the details can also help to reduce fraud, and could lead to procedural changes that may reduce the likelihood of that particular injury happening to someone else in the future.

Make sure that you have someone conduct interviews with any witnesses that can help to explain what happened. It might help if employers provide a way for employees to anonymously report suspicions of fraud. They may even want to consider using surveillance equipment at the worksite, along with having a drug testing policy that includes testing any time an accident occurs.

These are ways in which to improve overall safety and reduce all workplace injuries, and not only the fraudulent ones. Also, look for inconsistencies or other red flags, such as stories that contradict one another, injuries that are not medically consistent with other details of what happened, or incidents in which there are no witnesses to the accident occurring.

Another way employers can reduce their own concerns is to be thorough when screening new hires. Background checks can be useful to look for evidence of filing fraudulent workers comp insurance claims in the past. Even when claims are legitimate, it could mean this person does not follow safety guidelines. Employers utilizing this type of information can reduce costs and even lower workers compensation insurance rates in Orlando.

Experienced Help Is Available to Get You Through the Complex Claim Process

Thankfully in today’s world you do not have to go it alone. Claim experiences can be confusing and daunting, so it is often unwise to try and handle them yourself. Claims management professionals are available to help you work through the communications that are necessary between you and the insurer.


You Can Have a Professional Friend in Your Corner


Professional help can be a very important resource when you are dealing with an insurance claim. The claim could involve property loss or damage, or it could involve an injury of some sort, whether financial, physical, or emotional. In any case, you should take advantage of the expertise a claims professional has to offer you.


If you have a claim for workers compensation, for example, you can be guided through all the paperwork that is sometimes hard to understand and complete properly. The high-quality experience that claims managers offer can be used to your advantage. They understand the complicated processes and can offer you information that could be used to possibly save your company money and even stem losses.


Accuracy Is the Best Policy


Claims management specialists can help you reduce costs by doing the work correctly the first time. When claims do need to be processed and addressed, they know how to provide you with the most comprehensive and qualified services.


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