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What Offering Employee Benefits Can Do For Your Business

There are a lot of expenses when it comes to running a business. One such expense is the employee benefits that you offer your employees. If you’re not sure if the cost of benefits plus insurance for those benefits is worth it, consider these advantages of employee benefits.

Experience Tax Advantages

Offering employee benefits can result in tax advantages, explains the iSure Insurance Brokers. The benefits that you offer are also expenses that you can deduct from your taxes. This means that the out-of-pocket costs may be less in the long-run. If you have an incorporated business, then the cost of insurance may be tax-deductible.

Find and Retain Employees

If you offer employee benefits, your employees are more likely to stay with your business. In fact, if you offer no benefits, it is more likely that an employee will choose a lesser paying job over yours if the other company offers adequate benefits. If you want your employees to feel as though they are treated well, then adding benefits can help.

When you run a business, you have to decide what benefits you are going to offer your employees. One of the top benefits to offer is healthcare. You may find that offering benefits to your employees results in higher employee retention rates and tax advantages.

Staffing Companies and Employment Practices Liability Concerns

Employee relations can be challenging for staffing agencies because they have such a unique situation. This is due to the fact that their candidates are being placed under the direction of their clients, rather than being directly supervised by the agency itself. This means that technically, when an employee files an employment practices liability claim, the temporary staffing agency and the company where the employee works (or worked) both can be sued.

There is a type of insurance that any business concerned with lawsuits for discrimination, harrassment and the like should have, and it’s called employment practices liability insurance (EPLI or EPL), which is intended to cover most employment-related lawsuits that companies often face.

Common reasons why EPL suits are filed

The list of reasons why an employee might decide to sue the company they work for is a long one. If someone feels unduly harassed by an officer of the company or even another employee, and they feel that the company isn’t doing anything about the situation, then this type of behavior often triggers a claim. In addition, discrimination, whether sexual, racial, or of another nature can lead to a lawsuit as well. People who feel they were passed over for a promotion (this is often the case when someone else is promoted that they feel is “less qualified” for that same position) will want to be compensated for what they feel is an unfair business practice.

Lawsuits also stem from new candidates who aren’t offered a job, employees who believe they were wrongfully demoted or given a negative evaluation, or those who feel they were a victim of libel, slander, had their privacy invaded, or were simply misrepresented in some way. In an environment where so many people come together for a common cause, personality clashes can lead to misunderstandings, or petty mistreatment. EPL has even been the result of telling inappropriate jokes at work or looking at photos or websites deemed lascivious and not proper in a working environment.

If you own or manage a staffing agency odds are you will need employment practices liability insurance. Lawsuits are often filed in situations that seemingly are just fine, and that’s due to the fact that those in charge don’t realize that these tensions even exist.

Protecting Your Staff with Workers Compensation Programs

You know that the stakes are awfully high for workers in nursing homes simply for the fact that they face the risk of injury due to all of the strenuous duties and tasks they perform every day. These injuries can often be the result of activities performed in their regular service to patients residing at their facility.

Various nursing home Workers Compensation Programs allow you to provide insurance to your clients that face the concern of losing staff to injuries, sometimes severe enough that they may miss work for weeks or even months. This coverage is not only mandatory, but it provides the type of financial and medical support those injured individuals will rely on during their recuperation and, with any luck, a subsequent return to the workplace.

Types of injuries covered by workers comp insurance

Provided that the injury occurs at work, or while on the job, most are covered under any standard workers comp claim. Musculoskeletal injuries are rather common, and these can often occur as a result of a simple slip and fall accident. For example, falling on a floor that was recently mopped can lead to sprained ankles, torn muscles, and even bruised tendons.

Nurses and other staff responsible for carrying residents, often in a fragile state and especially at awkward angles, can easily become injured. Such activities can result in back strains, herniated discs, and over-extension of certain muscles, plus there is the additional risk for major back problems and other musculoskeletal problems.

Exposure to pathogens and other infectious agents

The American Nursing Association estimates that as many as two out of three nurses report being accidentally stuck with needles at work. This raises concerns about the possibility that a syringe that may contain viruses, bacteria, or other pathogens could puncture the skin, and this could quite possibly put that nurse at risk for serious illness. Nurses are also asked to handle biological waste, as well as perform work with medicines and chemicals that could cause an adverse reaction.

There are also concerns about psychological issues developing. This could be due to long hours, lack of natural sunlight at some facilities, and even poor eating habits, all of which could produce any number of psychological ailments, including anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and even problems related to sleeping.

Therefore your clients operating nursing homes need the valuable protection of Workers Compensation Programs to deal with all types of issues related to the health of their staff.

CT Insurance Companies Provide Great Services

Everyone has asset protection needs, as well as reasons for deciding to purchase life, home, and auto insurance. For one thing, a life policy provides a certain amount of comfort for their spouses, children, and significant others. Parents also want to know that the money will be there for their children in the event that an unfortunate incident occurs and they are no longer around to provide care and assistance.

Auto insurance is required and helps pay medical bills and other expenses too high for the average person to deal with if uninsured. And, of course, a home policy helps with repairs and replacement when a house is damaged or otherwise becomes uninhabitable. Whatever your reason might be, most people realize that insurance helps provide overall peace of mind, and everyone has their own specific reasons why they need to contact ct insurance companies about their products and services.


Insurance helps greatly when a loss occurs

Whether you have a car accident, become too ill to work, or have a house that is devastated by a major storm, these three policies will come to your aid when you need it most. Personal insurance policies are a source of great relief when a disaster or accident strikes, and the cost of coverage is nothing compared to the excessive out-of-pocket expenses one might incur.

For example, no one wants his or her family to experience hardship when it is totally unnecessary. An employer-sponsored life insurance policy can be less expensive than purchasing a policy on your own, plus with group insurance from work your risk is spread across a big pool of people, so it’s easier to be granted coverage.

But many workplaces still require you provide “evidence of insurability” once you increase your coverage limit past a certain amount, and with a face value that is not likely to cover as much as you may wish, you can accomplish this by adding a small supplemental life insurance policy in an amount that would cover those final expenses.

CT insurance companies can help make your future more secure. There are agents standing by ready and willing to help. Remember that there’s no time like the present to get the coverage you need. Speak to an agent about ct insurance companies and what they have to offer you!

Hospitality Insurance Programs Help to Reduce Exposures

Your customers rely on you to give them a nice experience whenever they enter your establishment. Whether you run a restaurant, a bar, or a nightclub they expect to be entertained, and to be provided with a relaxed atmosphere where they can socialize after their work is all done. However, as an owner of one of these establishments, you must be prepared to deal with any number of situations that could turn a nice night out into bad situation.

A kitchen fire, food borne illness, a simple slip and fall on a wet floor can all lead to injuries and perhaps a lawsuit. There are many serious considerations that require you to contact any number of hospitality insurance programs before you open your doors for the first time. The time to get coverage is before you actually need it. This is especially true for an industry stemming with issues resulting from alcohol consumption, which is unique to a small sector of businesses.

Hospitality venues require coverage for several concerns

Insurers often devote an inordinate amount of time studying the legal issues that operators and owners of these types of enterprises have to deal with. They take a sincere interest in determining the inherent exposures that you may face and try to find viable solutions to these risks and exposures.

These are the sort of issues that require insurance agents and brokers who cater to this industry to take an in-depth look, because without a specialized approach to managing hospitality locales, your hospitality insurance coverage could be filled with gaps, and that could potentially leave you underinsured at the worst possible time.

You need to take the time to meet with your agent and thoroughly review every aspect of your business in order to determine the broadness of coverage required. This will certainly help ensure that you are fully covered for any and all occurrences. This will also help to promote the type of relationship and services expected from your broker.

The hospitality industry faces new and growing challenges every day. These challenges must be met head on, and finding solutions to your own unique circumstances will help to complete the process. Most importantly, you’ll need to continue to operate in this competitive industry to the best of your ability, and securing coverage from hospitality insurance programs will help you to accomplish those goals.


Employment Practices Liability and the Staffing Industry

When it comes to employment practices liability (EPL) issues, temp agencies are generally no different than other industries. However, temporary staffing agencies still face some unique employment-related exposures resulting from the placement of their employees in positions under the direction and control of their clients.

It’s important for employees to confirm that any EPL policy in place for a temporary staffing agency includes temporary employees under the definition of employees covered by the policy. After all, the relationship between temporary employees, the staffing agency and their client companies is often a complex one, and typically, both the temporary staffing agency and the client company are named in employment-related lawsuits jointly.

Employment Practices Liability insurance is a policy intended to cover most employment-related lawsuits that a company may face. The most common claims or accusations have to deal with wrongful termination, discrimination, and sexual harassment – though EPL covers a broad spectrum of other lawsuits, including:

  • Failure to employ or promote
  • Wrongful deprivation of a career opportunity
  • Wrongful demotion or negligent evaluation
  • Wrongful discipline
  • Employment-related misrepresentation, and
  • Employment-related libel, slander, humiliation, defamation or invasion of privacy

As a temporary staffing agency, your contract with clients may require that your EPL policy defend or cover damages resulting from employment-related lawsuits made against them by your temp employees. To cover this exposure, your EPL policy would need to be specifically endorsed or extended.

EPL has added value to policyholders

Understanding employment practices liability is important for everyone at your company. From the moment you begin the pre-hiring process, up until the time an exit interview is performed, you are vulnerable to an employment-related lawsuit. While many suits that are filed are without merit, defending against them is often costly and time-consuming.

Employment law is very complex and also varies depending on jurisdiction. As costs for litigation and damage awards continue to climb, many people predict that employment law will only become more complex as time goes by. EPL insurance covers both the cost of defense and the resultant damages from an alleged covered claim. This is valuable protection that no employer should be without.

3 Reasons Employment Practices Liability is More Important Today Than Ever Before

With changing discrimination laws and an increased awareness of employee rights in the workplace, there has been a distinct correlation showing an increasing number of employment practices liability cases going to court. As you try to determine your employment practices insurance cost,  keep in mind these three benefits for business be taken to court by an employee.


  1. Equal Opportunity Organizations are Becoming More Aggressive


Organizations such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) have been taking a more active approach to employment practices cases in recent years. This push for equal opportunities by such large groups has shown a higher rate of employees taking their employers to court over issues such as:


  • Wrongful Termination
  • Discrimination
  • Retaliation
  • Inappropriate Workplace Conduct


  1. Employment Practices Lawsuits are Increasingly Prevalent to Employers


Legally speaking, employment practices lawsuits have become the most common lawsuit filed against business owners today. From large corporations to small businesses, employers are responsible for the treatment of their employees. One misstep can lead to a significant lawsuit.


  1. One Employment Practices Lawsuit Can Destroy a Company’s Reputation


For business owners who choose to forego employment practices liability coverage, the cost of legal defense can be much greater than employment practices insurance cost. Aside from legal costs, even a single employee practices lawsuit can be detrimental to a company’s reputation. With the help of an insurance agency who offers employment practices liability you can learn how to avoid employee charges while protecting yourself with proper insurance coverage.


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