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Commercial Auto Insurance for Staffing Firms

Your staffing firm is exposed to multifarious sources of potential liability. The placement of temporary workers, the services they deliver to clients and any other services you directly offer to your customers are all areas that open you up to potential claims through a variety of causes. The operation of your fleet vehicles is no different, which is why you need a commercial auto policy as part of your staffing agency insurance package to shield you against losses that could reach significantly high dollar amounts.

What Commercial Auto Can Do for You

Also known as owned auto liability, this type of coverage is meant to address transport or other business activities what use your company-owned cars. Typically, you can purchase these policies for cars, trucks and vans as well as commercial use trailers. This insurance usually protects in several different types of loss or claim scenarios:

  • Damage, destruction or loss of business vehicles
  • Damage to vehicles or property owned by others resulting from the actions by the insured party or its authorized agents
  • Injury or death of individuals operating company-owned vehicles

Purchasing owned auto liability for your entire fleet can offer significant savings, particularly if you own five or more company vehicles. Fleet-wide insurance can provide additional specific benefits besides standard coverage. Your insurance agent can help you determine the best risk management strategy for your company vehicles when packaging your staffing agency insurance.

Insurance Company Marketing Ideas to Help Bolster Business

Nowadays, being an insurance agent involves being something of a marketing specialist. Not only do you sell your products and services but you must also find inventive ways, mostly through social media, to bring attention to your services. This can make it much easier to find potential clients.


This may pose something of a challenge to anyone working as an agent, but it also allows for creativity and imagination for those working in Insurance Company Marketing. It really isn’t necessary for you to step too far outside of the box because there are literally thousands of ideas already in use. You merely need to select certain tools and tactics at your disposal and design them to work for the target audience you’re trying to reach.


Where you may find difficulty in the process is the fact that people aren’t often quick to divulge their financial information to a stranger. Therefore, you need to build and establish relationships in order to gain their trust. This is a good place to begin your marketing efforts.


Take a “hands on” approach


Aside from utilizing social media platforms, attending several conventions that draw large crowds can help you in your efforts. Some conventions may be better tailored to you depending on the type of insurance you sell. It’s best to approach potential customers at a show that is geared towards your products. Electronic shows may be a good pitch because many businesses rely on electronics to some degree and this is a good way to talk about risks and exposures associated with certain products.


People who attend these shows are always excited and willing to talk about the newest gadgets or the latest models coming out, so engaging them and offering them a business card doesn’t seem at all out of place. Community events can also provide you with a captive audience. This can provide you with an arena where you could offer financial information to others for free. Offer to help organize an event, and get other insurance companies you regularly do business with to participate. They may be willing to provide sponsorship money for advertising or perhaps a prize giveaway. Insurance Company Marketing really isn’t all that difficult. All it takes is some time and dedication.


Finding the Right Workers’ Comp Insurance Broker

There’s no question that you need a broker when you’re shopping for workers’ compensation insurance small business. With ever-changing regulations and carriers becoming increasingly exclusive in their coverages offered, navigating the marketplace on your own can be frustrating. A workers’ compensation insurance broker can help you avoid an endless series of headaches, but it’s important to one that will best cater to your clients’ unique needs.

It’s vital to select a brokerage firm with national reach. Although workers’ compensation laws differ from state to state, a broker that works nationwide will be able to help you provide for your clients in multiple states, or that do business in multiple states. A broker’s nationwide reach also transcends some of the limits placed by individual carriers on their policy offerings based on geography, industry, lines of business and numbers of employees.

Managing the workplace safety pictures goes beyond just simple coverage. Additionally, you should consider selecting a workers’ compensation insurance broker with additional support services. These can include assistance with safety programs, as well as providing advice on remaining OSHA-compliant and preventing fraud and abuse. Also, your broker should be able to connect your clients with return-to-work programs from partner carriers to help ensure injured employees receive the care they need and return to work safety.

Marina Insurance Programs and Safety

Insurance brokers have an inherent duty to provide any necessary marina coverage to their clients. Having the proper coverage in place will go a long way in helping them with their concerns for their clients as well as their property. It takes a lot of hard work, involving a dedicated staff of individuals all working together to make their enterprise a successful one.


It’s no small task owning and operating a marina company, with concerns about the safe operation of watercraft and maintaining areas intended for guests to lounge around and relax in. With the many exhibits, general sessions, presentations, breakouts, catered events, receptions, networking and special events that take place, this is an industry fraught with risks and exposures and marina insurance programs offer many policies designed to deal with those concerns.


Safety in water and on land can save lives


The success of your clients’ businesses often hinges on you providing the expertise required in assisting with all the various segments that make up this market. One of your priorities as a broker should be to help in mitigating risk. You, therefore need to deliver a comprehensive insurance program with broad coverage. They’ll also be counting on you to provide great customer service when the time comes to ensure that their needs are being well served.


Whether at dock or on high seas, adhering to boating safety guidelines helps keep your clients safe. Kids tend to be overly excited and may not behave responsibly. Your staff must be standing by to ensure their safety at all times. Observing a few easy-to-follow safety rules will prevent accidents and injuries and hopefully avoid costly lawsuits as well.


It’s important, whenever on the high seas, to take note of visibility, and the proximity of navigational hazards. Make sure everyone on the boat wears a life jacket at all times, including the crew and any guests. Constantly check weather conditions as they can change rapidly and often without much notice.


By keeping a few safety measures and procedures in mind we can all greatly reduce the risk of any damage or injury occurring to those customers who came to your client hoping for a happy, memorable experience. This makes for a much more enjoyable trip on the water. Marina insurance programs provide policies that help to ensure that when a problem exists, your clients have the necessary protection to deal with these concerns.

Pet Liabilities and Dog Bite Homeowner Insurance

Dog bite homeowner insurance is important to secure, particularly for owners of certain breeds known for aggressive or assertive behavior. Often genetics play a key role in this issue. But some dogs also tend to be influenced by their owner’s temperament as well, and the size of the dog can also be a determining factor in just how serious the problem can be.

The issue of dog bite liabilities is obviously one of concern. Many of the dogs involved tend to be family pets, rather than strays, and more than two-thirds of dog bites happen to people already acquainted with the dog. A majority of dog bites occur to the very young and very old, and almost half of all bites to children, due to their smallness in height, are in the facial area. Many claims made against homeowner’s insurance policies are often due to dog bites.


Behavior modification can help to resolve some issues

At an early age puppies develop bonds and sensitivity to those people and animals in their lives, and if a young pup is not exposed to positive interaction with dogs during this period they often grow up without the necessary skills to deal with other dogs. They also may never be comfortable with people outside of their owner if not given the proper exposure. If the socialization process is delayed until the puppy is older, the dog may never be relaxed or never become socially interactive with people or other dogs.
It’s important that any children in the household handle the dog frequently and gently and never scold or speak harshly to the pet. Holding the puppy firmly and resisting the temptation to let go of it (when it squirms to be released) can also help to minimize later aggression and dominant behavior.
As the dog gets older there may come a time when most normal dogs begin to bark at strangers and guard the family and it’s property. This is normal behavior, however some dogs may begin to show objectionable aggressive behavior. Make the dog aware that this is a problem. Obedience training can help to correct these types of issues, but dog bites are often the result of fear and uncertainty in the animal as well. Dog bite homeowner insurance is the solution when an unfortunate attack occurs.

Contractors and Construction Insurance in Wayne, NJ

Being an active participant in the construction industry means that you fully realize that safety must be the number one priority for both workers and visitors to the worksite. Construction Insurance in Wayne, NJ is vital for all contractors to have in place. This policy will provide coverage in the event that anyone is injured on the job site.

Examining hiring practices

The construction industry is made up of individual workers, each contracted to provide services under distinct terms, from subcontractors to hired employees, and from labor brokers to independent contractors. There are different circumstances with each type of paid worker. With subcontractors, it’s generally advised that you, as a contractor, draw up a contractual agreement while ensuring that participants are licensed, bonded, and insured before hiring them. They bear equal responsibility for the project and may be liable for any issues if a client deems that the work is subpar, or in the event that the job is not completed.

Hired employees, however, don’t fall under the same requirements. For example, when hiring employees, the contractor is required by law to withhold taxes, pay wages, benefits, and comply with all employment laws. They are also required to provide workers comp insurance in the event of any on-the-job injuries. The contractor may also opt to solicit a broker to help provide labor. They will have a similar relationship with these workers who are also considered employees during the course of performing work for the contractor’s company.

Hiring independent contractors means that the contractor pays them directly but isn’t responsible for paying benefits or withholding taxes. There are strict tax reporting requirements in place for working with independent contractors that must be followed to avoid breaking any rules or laws regarding this type of employee, which could result in costly fines if not adhered to.

The Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) require that contractors provide a safe workplace for their employees, one free from any recognizable hazards. Things such as tools, scaffolding, debris, and any large machinery and trucks constantly moving back and forth all pose concerns due to the risks involved in working in these conditions. In any case, Construction Insurance in Wayne, NJ should, without question, be used to provide necessary benefits, along with protecting the interests of everyone involved in the project.

Import/Export of Goods and the Import Surety Bond

For clients operating in the field of importation and/or exportation of goods, insurance, surety and risk management solutions for supply chain and transportation intermediaries are the items of primary focus. A customs import surety bond is a contract used for guaranteeing that a specific obligation will be fulfilled between customs and an importer for any given import transaction. The main purpose of a customs bond is to guarantee the payment of import duties and taxes.

A customs bond is required on all commercial imports entering the US. Merchandise will not clear customs without a properly executed bond, and according to US customs regulations, a surety bonds purpose is “to protect the revenue of the US and to assure compliance with any pertinent law, regulation or instruction.”

The importer agrees to certain conditions upon posting a bond, including agreement to pay duties, taxes and charges in a timely manner, to make or complete entry of goods, to produce documents and evidence of the shipment, and to redeliver merchandise if required or requested. This also includes agreement to rectify non-compliance with provision for admission, to allow examination of any and all merchandise and reimbursement and exoneration of the US where necessary, including compliance with any special requirements on duty free entries.


How and when are Drawback Bonds implemented?

Whenever merchandise is imported into, or exported out of the US, a principal may be entitled to a refund of duty, what is commonly referred to as a drawback claim. There are several types of drawback claims and methods of payment, including accelerated drawback, which is the most common way to be paid. With accelerated drawback, the refund is granted before liquidation of the drawback claim. A drawback bond guarantees full repayment to US Customs Border Protection (CBP) of overpaid drawback as determined by liquidation of the drawback claim.

There are many different types of bonds, depending upon the quantity and type of transactions involved. A commonly used import surety bond is a “Single Entry Bond” that can only be used once for a particular transaction. A “Continuous Bond” can be used for an annual period and will cover all transactions within that year. They can both be used at any port of entry. Brokers should help clients determine which is the more practical solution in any given situation.

Grocer Store Insurance and Commonly Experienced Hazards

As a grocery store owner you’re likely to see some type of accident occurring on a daily basis. This is because food items are often stacked high on shelves and this can lead to items falling with the possibility of injuring an employee or a patron. While employees are covered under workers comp insurance you’re going to need Grocer store insurance that deals with injuries to customers as well as other liability concerns.

Common causes of injury to customers aren’t limited to items falling from up on high shelves, and includes slipping on wet floors or having run-ins with carts and other people while shopping. The list of possible hazards, while not too extreme in numbers, should be examined, with safety instructions on stacking and immediate clean up of spills duly enforced. One serious injury could be quite costly, which further illustrates the need for having the right coverage in place, but educating employees is equally important in order to promote proper safety at all times.

Head and body injuries from falling objects can also be serious, especially those involving older patrons, including retail displays, items that are difficult to reach, and other shopping-related mishaps. Shopping cart injuries are often due to ramming carts together (sometimes hands suffer injury as a result of this) or due to a cart tipping over onto its side.

Overcrowding is another source of concern when too many people crowd into a particular section of the store, which may result in trampling, or other serious injuries, and even outside of the store in the parking lot injuries can result from cracks in the pavement or insufficient lighting at night, which can result in injuries from a slew of different incidents.

Failing to fix or restore lighting, uneven pavement, and not being diligent about ensuring that displays do not pose a threat of physical harm puts you at risk for a possible lawsuit. Having a Grocer store insurance policy provides you with coverage for when accidents happen, as they eventually will at some point in time.

Austin Commercial Business Insurance and Cyber Concerns

Businesses old and new will generally purchase general liability and property insurance, along with workers compensation as the building blocks of their Austin Commercial Business Insurance portfolio. But now, most companies realize that they are also vulnerable to data breaches, lapses in network security, and identify theft concerns. So many smart owners are giving cyber insurance the attention it deserves.

This type of exposure has really gotten out of hand. Banks are constantly informing customers, or vice versa, that there has been suspicious activity linked to their debit cards, credit cards, or bank accounts. This is a concern that needs to be addressed by nearly every sector of the business community. After all, these exposures are not exclusive to giant corporations or government agencies alone. Any business that uses computers and stores private information of any kind can become easy prey to those attempting to steal personal information.

The insurance industry has addressed this emerging risk with various types of cyber liability insurance coverages. Whether the attack comes from external sources, or is perpetrated by an employee or someone with access from within, this is coverage that most businesses simply cannot properly function without.


Small business owners face same concerns

Data breaches can occur that often affect millions of individuals each year. Not surprisingly, it’s the smaller businesses that are most at risk. Attacks by hackers can create serious financial losses for small business owners, who unfortunately don’t have the resources that large corporations have at their disposal. Non-malicious threats are equally dangerous, and a simple thing like a lost, stolen or misplaced laptop or cell phone can allow a cyber thief access to confidential information.

Companies experiencing a cyber breach are required by law to notify customers in their database whenever a breach takes place, which adds additional concerns. Once a breach is identified and reported, there’s often real damage to a company’s reputation along with the loss of customer retention. When an owner factors in expenses needed to repair the damage to their business, Austin Commercial Business Insurance, and specifically cyber insurance, is a worthwhile investment.

Great Insurance Agent Marketing Ideas

Marketing ideas are an essential part of any business plan. The better you are at marketing your services and products, the higher your success rate is likely to be. But being an insurance agent is about more than just selling services and products. It involves being a marketing specialist and finding new or unique ways to bring attention to these services, making them more enticing to potential clients. While this makes your job a bit more challenging, it also allows for some creativity and imagination when creating your insurance agent marketing ideas.

There are already hundreds of really great ideas being put to use, now it’s simply a matter of deciding which ones you favor and then perhaps redesigning them to work for your target audience. The important thing is to build and establish relationships. This is how you gain trust, which creates longer lasting relationships.

Conventions and local events are a great place to start

Attending conventions and other local events is a smart move because they always draw large crowds and public interest. Car shows, and electronic shows, always a good draw, are both good targets because most businesses rely on automobiles and electronics and this may be a good time to talk about the many risks and exposures associated with these products.

People who attend these shows are generally excited to talk to other people, particularly if you come off as knowledgeable and also offer some good, free advice. They will often talk passionately about the new gadgets or the latest models coming out, so by engaging them and then offering them a business card, this move doesn’t seem at all awkward or out of place.

You can also try contacting a few local businesses and ask if they’d be interested in being involved in some type of community event. Let them know that you would be willing to offer financial information for free. Even offer to help organize the event, and ask insurance companies you’re partnered with to participate as well. There are so many time-tested methods that can enable you to develop a successful career as an insurance agent just by taking a few insurance agent marketing ideas and breathing new life into them.