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Why it Pays to Invest in High-Value Homeowners Insurance

Being a homeowner means taking additional measures to secure you and your family’s financial security like investing in high-value homeowners’ insurance. On the surface, it may seem as if a regular policy is all you need, but it might not be enough if you have extremely valuable items. According to www.danielsinsuranceinc.com/, high-value home insurance offers protections not normally seen in traditional/standard policy options. Here are a few reasons why you should consider a high-value insurance policy for your home.

Extra Protection

High-value policies may cost more, but they offer more protection against things that could go wrong with your property or possessions. In the event of burglary, fire and other covered perils, the policy would provide the full replacement cost. Also, if an event happens that causes damage to your home and requires you to live somewhere else while it is being repaired, a high-value policy can help cover alternative living arrangements until the work is complete.

There’s nothing more stressful and worrisome than having to deal with unexpected issues that result in you needing to file a claim and learning that you have insufficient coverage. Choosing the right insurer for your high-value home and possessions from the start means less stress and fewer inconveniences when the unexpected happens.

Home Insurance in CT Brings Relief During Harsh Times

With the often-harsh weather that comes with the winter months there are exposures that can result in damage to your beautiful home. Anyone owning his or her own home understands the importance of having home insurance in ct for times such as these. While some things are out of your control there are things that every homeowner should do to protect their property.


Most insurance experts say that one of the most difficult parts of the claims process is the necessity to have to recall any lost or stolen items. You should catalog all of your belongings, including receipts, with video and/or photos. Keep copies of vital documents in a safe place, such as a fireproof safe, a bank safe deposit box, or with someone you trust.


Compare pricing on coverage


Every four or five years you should shop for insurance, including deductibles, policy limits, and riders to see if you can save on your current coverage. Speak with an independent agent for details about the easiest way to go about doing this. If the current insurer’s rates are competitive, there might be significant savings by staying put as many companies give a discount to their customers who remain loyal.


Raising your deductible can reduce premiums


Going from $500 to $1,000 dollars on your deductible can translate to savings of up to 25% on the overall premium. It can also pay dividends if you clean up a poor credit report (realize that an insurer viewing a mistake on your report could possibly even deny you coverage). Doing so has helped many homeowners avoid paying increased amounts on policies.


Maintain and upgrade your house


Fire and smoke detectors, burglar alarms, and dead-bolt locks can also help save on the monthly premium. In storm-prone areas, insurers appreciate it when homeowners add hurricane shutters and shatterproof windows.


Avoid filing claims for a small or insignificant amount above the deductible when you can do the repairs yourself, as this can cause you to experience a premium increase. Home insurance in ct provides much needed protection, and your insurance needs can certainly change with any additions you make to your home, so speak to a qualified agent today about questions or concerns that you may have.

Stormy Weather and CT Home Insurance Quotes

Now that summer is officially over and done, Connecticut residents are pondering just when the next major storm will arrive. There have been so many devastating events in recent years, and this 2016 has already experienced some disastrous results from fierce weather patterns developing. The news has been filled with stories of family homes devastated or destroyed, brave individuals coming to the rescue of trapped and stranded neighbors, and people forced to survive for long periods of time without power.

Insurance provides important solutions

If you’re a new homeowner to the area you should have already begun the process of obtaining ct home insurance quotes so that you can be well prepared in the event of a catastrophic event. In the aftermath of these storms insurance agents understand the concerns of their clients and work hard to process their claims as quickly as possible.

Questions many homeowners need answers to include whether there’s enough coverage to fix their house. The fact is that many homeowners fail to purchase adequate coverage and then don’t understand why they’ve come up short after tragedy strikes. Speaking to an agent who specializes in homeowner’s coverage can help with decisions about just how much insurance will provide enough coverage when an event of this type occurs.

Most people understand the need to purchase a coverage limit based on the cost to rebuild, but few know what these limits are, or if they currently have the appropriate policy for their needs. When living in higher risk areas you’ll be better off with a policy that has guaranteed replacement cost (GRC), or at least extended replacement cost with generous coverage extensions, in order to ensure your home can be rebuilt when the cost to do so exceeds policy limits.

What if you decide not to rebuild at the same location?

This is a very good question, and the best answer is to find an insurer that will allow you the option to receive a cash settlement up to the policy limit, rather than force you to rebuild in a place that is highly likely to sustain damage again when you’d prefer to live in a less volatile area. No one really wants to replay the same scenario over and over again.

Speak to an agent about ct home insurance quotes that can suggest the right provider for the coverage you may need.

Dog Liability Insurance for the At-Risk Owner

As a dog owner you are exposed to the possibility that your dog may inadvertently or otherwise be responsible for biting someone, as well as causing other canine-inflicted injuries. The fact is that dogs bite at least 4.5 million Americans every year, with children being the victims of some of the more serious attacks, and the annual losses exceed $1 billion annually.

Because the dog owner’s own relatives, friends and neighbors are oftentimes the most likely victims of a possible dog attack, having dog liability insurance in Florida means protecting the people who are closest to you. Why wouldn’t you want this to be the case? After all, it equates to protecting valuable relationships, as well as ensuring that loved ones, when injured, will receive the treatment they deserve.


Some home and renters policies may not provide enough

Since there is no law that requires homeowners and renters insurance policies to provide coverage for injuries, damages and losses inflicted by dogs, you might want to purchase a stand-alone policy. The sad fact is that, consequently, there are homeowners and renters policies that exclude injuries caused by a dog, or any animal for that matter, while other policies may exclude injuries caused by certain breeds of dog.

Some insurance companies have even expressed concerns in selling homeowners insurance to the owners of certain breeds of dogs (such as pit bulls, Rottweilers, Akitas and Chow-Chows, to name a few), which have a reputation for being a danger to others and encounters often end up with someone being bitten.

Furthermore, there are policies out there that don’t offer adequate coverage, which is why pet owners need to do research and due diligence when shopping for the proper coverage for their particular situation. Traditionally, the minimum limit for personal liability coverage has been $100,000. But a limit of $300,000 is more appropriate if your household contains, let’s say, a medium sized dog, as the higher limit is a requisite of a personal excess policy.

No dog owner should purchase a homeowner policy or renter’s policy that excludes canine-inflicted injuries, unless he or she buys a supplemental Florida dog liability insurance policy that covers them in the event that anyone is bitten by their pet.


CT Insurance Companies Provide Great Services

Everyone has asset protection needs, as well as reasons for deciding to purchase life, home, and auto insurance. For one thing, a life policy provides a certain amount of comfort for their spouses, children, and significant others. Parents also want to know that the money will be there for their children in the event that an unfortunate incident occurs and they are no longer around to provide care and assistance.

Auto insurance is required and helps pay medical bills and other expenses too high for the average person to deal with if uninsured. And, of course, a home policy helps with repairs and replacement when a house is damaged or otherwise becomes uninhabitable. Whatever your reason might be, most people realize that insurance helps provide overall peace of mind, and everyone has their own specific reasons why they need to contact ct insurance companies about their products and services.


Insurance helps greatly when a loss occurs

Whether you have a car accident, become too ill to work, or have a house that is devastated by a major storm, these three policies will come to your aid when you need it most. Personal insurance policies are a source of great relief when a disaster or accident strikes, and the cost of coverage is nothing compared to the excessive out-of-pocket expenses one might incur.

For example, no one wants his or her family to experience hardship when it is totally unnecessary. An employer-sponsored life insurance policy can be less expensive than purchasing a policy on your own, plus with group insurance from work your risk is spread across a big pool of people, so it’s easier to be granted coverage.

But many workplaces still require you provide “evidence of insurability” once you increase your coverage limit past a certain amount, and with a face value that is not likely to cover as much as you may wish, you can accomplish this by adding a small supplemental life insurance policy in an amount that would cover those final expenses.

CT insurance companies can help make your future more secure. There are agents standing by ready and willing to help. Remember that there’s no time like the present to get the coverage you need. Speak to an agent about ct insurance companies and what they have to offer you!

First Time Buyers and Orlando Homeowners Insurance

First time homeowners can find the process of buying a new home both exciting and somewhat overwhelming. After all, this is new territory for many of you and the decisions you make today could affect you for years to come. When going over your Orlando homeowners insurance checklist, be sure to consider obtaining a policy that includes liability as well as personal property protection.

When shopping for price quotes on insurance, there are certain areas that are especially important. Here are a few tips to help you to get the best coverage at the most affordable pricing.

  1. Know the difference between the replacement cost and the market value: The cost of rebuilding can be higher or lower than the market value, depending on how much was originally paid for the property. Rebuilding a home is often much cheaper than buying an existing structure, unless the original property bought was a foreclosure, in which case rebuilding could possibly be more expensive. The key is in accurately determining the cost of rebuilding when finalizing the details on your homeowners insurance policy.
  2. Take a home inventory and determine the proper amount of personal property protection: Generally, policies cover 50-75% of the replacement value of the house. However, this may not actually be enough to cover certain large ticket items, such as jewelry, fine art, electronics and any other expensive items you may own. A separate rider will likely be needed.
  3. Carry sufficient amounts of liability protection: This will protect you, as a homeowner, if you are sued for an injury that takes place on your property. Many policies are designed to cover you even if an incident happens away from the house. Depending on your assets, you might want to consider purchasing an additional umbrella policy in the event that you’re ever sued for an amount in excess of what your coverage offers.
  4. Know what is and what isn’t covered: Carefully study the exclusions section of the Orlando homeowners insurance policy. This is important to be aware of in case you need to purchase additional coverage. For instance, if you live in an area prone to flooding, you may need to buy additional flood protection. Speak to an agent about these, and any other questions or concerns you have.

CT Home Insurance and Home Security

Aside from CT home insurance, maintaining a secure home can be one of the best investments you can make. Security is essential to the safety of your valuable items, as well as for peace of mind for you and your family members. Here are some simple tasks that can help keep your home safe and secure year round.

Lower the odds of your house being burglarized

Research shows that if it usually takes less than a minute to break into a home. Burglars will not consider your home an easy target if they have to take a lot of time breaking in, or if they cannot break in without making a lot of excessive noise.

Most insurance providers suggest the use of dead-bolt locks, window grates, bars and smoke and fire alarms, as well as a burglar alarm. Most companies provide discounts for devices that make a home safer.

However, do not make the mistake of making your home such a fortress that you and your family will have a difficult time escaping in the event that a fire or other emergency arises. Remember, when improving the security of your home do not exchange security for personal safety.

How to make your home more burglar-resistant

  • Trim any trees or shrubs near doors and windows since they can be an asset to a burglar
  • Exterior lights and motion detectors, mounted high, out of easy reach, reduces darkness, which discourages burglars
  • Simple security devices, such as padlocks, door and window locks, grates, bars and bolts can all increase the amount of time it takes to break into a home, and
  • Installing a burglar alarm is one of the most effective devices you can buy to prevent your house being invaded when no one is home

Some simple and easy security measures

Rearrange your furnishings so that valuables (for example, paintings, a computer, flat screen television) are not so easy to see from outside the house. Doing so makes your home less inviting to criminals looking for an easy heist.

Even the most efficient lock, placed within a weak door, will not keep out a determined burglar. Outside doors should be metal or solid hardwood, and at least 1 3/4 inches thick.

Purchase key locks for windows, especially those on the sides and the rear of the house. Double-hung windows can be secured simply by “pinning” the upper and lower frames together with a nail (which can be removed from the inside). If you are ever the unfortunate victim of a burglary your CT home insurance will provide you with a means to replace many of those lost articles. Speak to an agent today.

Understanding the Factors That Determine Homeowners Insurance Rates

Many homeowners would like to find lower NJ homeowners insurance quotes when they shop for coverage. Before settling on a policy, these homeowners can benefit from understanding the factors that influence home insurance premiums. Though a few of these factors cannot be helped, others can be managed to yield lower insurance rates and long-term savings.


Existing Conditions


Most of a home’s features or characteristics affect premium costs. Age and construction material determine the likelihood that the home will sustain serious damage or develop structural problems. Geographic location influences how exposed the home is to natural disasters, crime, and other risks. Existing home features, such as pools or guesthouses, may also contribute to higher premiums.


Controllable Factors


Homeowners have control over home improvements and personal insurability, which both help set premium costs. Homeowners may be able to reduce their premiums by investing in home upgrades to fortify and modernize the home, eliminate safety hazards, or improve home security. Homeowners can also work on establishing better personal credit and avoiding unnecessary claims; these steps can make individuals seem like more desirable policyholders, which may lead to savings regardless of the home and its condition.


Finding the Right Price


Since so many considerations can affect NJ homeowners insurance quotes, shopping around before picking a policy is crucial. Comparing options makes it easier for homeowners to judge whether a policy is overpriced, too good to be true, or an ideal fit for the home.


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Fracking Likely Not Covered Under PA Homeowners Insurance

As a Pennsylvania homeowner, you need to concern yourself with some environmental issues that could greatly affect you. You may be happy to know that Pennsylvania fracking regulations are some of the most comprehensive in the country. Furthermore, Pennsylvania state government control over drilling and fracking operations has been augmented by subsequent court decisions and adoption of state water protection laws.


Pennsylvania municipalities have been using local zoning laws to increase municipal power over fracking and oil and gas drilling. Whether this greatly affects you, or will involve your PA homeowners insurance in any way, is up for debate.


Strict regulations are in place to reduce risks


In order to obtain a permit to drill anywhere in the state of Pennsylvania, oil and gas companies must submit a detailed report to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protections (DEP) that includes all information required to carry out environmental risk analysis. Information regarding any drilling, including well depth and location must be specified, as well as related geological information including the type and nature of surrounding rock formations, proximity to groundwater, and proximity to local water supplies.


Measures to protect against drinking water contamination


The Pennsylvania Oil and Gas Act requires drillers to replace or resolve any loss of drinking water due to contamination from drilling operations. Drillers are accountable for contamination if it occurs within 1,000 feet from the well in question and within 6 months after well completion, but can contest responsibility for contamination under the following conditions:


  • By providing proof that the pollution existed prior to the drilling


  • If the landowner or water purveyor refused to allow access to conduct a pre-drilling water test


  • If the water supply is not within 1,000 feet of the gas well, or pollution occurred more than six months after completion of gas well drilling, or


  • If the pollution occurred as the result of some cause other than gas well drilling


These regulations have resulted in a much higher incidence of water pre-testing than in other states. Ask your insurer if your PA homeowners insurance has a provision for incidents stemming from fracking.

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