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Saving Your Investments With Strong Policies

California is one of the most business-friendly states in the country. Its large tourism industry, bustling Silicon Valley and gorgeous suburbs make it the right spot for investments. Restaurants are just one option. However, it is crucial to obtain restaurant insurance in California if you plan on taking advantage of this state for years to come. Here just a few coverages that benefit restaurants.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation coverage can really come in handy during accidents. This policy manages the medical expenses and lost wages of employees if they fall ill due to job-related incidents. One example would be an employee slipping on a wet floor. You may likely have to pay for their medical treatment. Another type of expense this coverage can handle is lost wages. This can help an employee during their recovery.

This policy also matters because by California law every business with at least one employee must acquire it. Therefore, workers’ compensation is valuable if you want your business to operate under the law.

Liquor Liability

If your establishment sells liquor, then you may be held liable for any damages a customer causes while inebriated. Depending on your policy, you can pay for personal and property damage.

Navigating the world of restaurant insurance in California is simple when you work with the right agency. Contact one today to learn more.

The 3 Reasons HOA Insurance is Necessary for a Community Association

Just as a homeowner protects their home with insurance, it’s necessary for a community association to find the right coverage. There are many HOA insurance programs that provide coverage for a variety of situations.

1. Protecting Against Crime

Crime is inevitable regardless of the city or neighborhood the association is in. Crime can range from individuals breaking in and stealing items to fraud and forgery involved in moving, sending wire transfers, and even problems related to employees. Having insurance that covers these issues makes it easier to stay on top of all the other pressing issues that come from running an association.

2. Coverage for Community Directors and Officers

Community directors and officers involved with the association can face problems that range from claims to lawsuits. Members of the association can file these against directors and officers if they believe there is a violation of their rights. Thankfully, HOA insurance programs have special coverage known as D&O (directors and officers).

3.Protection Against Cyber Risks

Banks aren’t the only institutions affected by cyber attacks. If there is a network breach of security, it’s important to stay covered with insurance that can handle everything from credit monitoring to claim defense.

HOA insurance programs are more than just an extra add-on. They protect an association from any possible unforeseen tragedy and allow them to focus on business as usual.

The Skill and Knowledge to Protect You

Insurance is not just about the fine print. If you do not have the right agent there by your side during the entire process, then you may face an unpleasant experience. You may also find yourself straddled with expensive, mediocre or unnecessary policies. That is why choosing the right agent matters. When you pick our North Star Insurance agents, you can receive the best care and customer service possible.

Comprehensive Experience

We have served New England for over two decades. This has gifted us with the history and experience of the area that really matters. Our agents know what kinds of policies work and do not work for you. We also have knowledge of the industry trends and information regarding your particular need or market. This way you can receive the kinds of coverage that can serve you well.

Fantastic Service

North Star Insurance agents work hard around the clock to give each and every client the service they deserve. With us, you can obtain the right kinds of policies in a efficient manner. If you file a claim, you can trust that it can be handled with great attention and speed.

Our agents are ready to assist you in all your insurance needs. We also offer risk management services to help prevent future incidents. Contact one of us today and get started on your future!

Your Yacht Club Need More Than General Liability

When you consider the luxurious vacations of celebrities on private yachts, you might wonder what it’s like to be a part of the inner circle of yacht ownership. For some, the ticket into the world of luxury is through ownership or operation of the marina where these magnificent boats are stored or docked. However, not everyone that needs to moor their craft owns a yacht. There are all types of activities and clients at a marina, requiring a multi-coverage policy that only marina insurance brokers will know best.

Your priority with insurance should be affordability and comprehensive coverage. Keeping your clients’ needs in mind will give you an idea of what coverage you need, but typically a marina will need the following inclusions:

  • General Liability
  • Ship Repairers Legal Liability
  • Marina Operators Legal Liability
  • Protection and Indemnity
  • Products-Completed Operations Liability
  • Piers, Wharves and Docks
  • Equipment/Lifts/Tools
  • Yacht Dealer
  • Real and Personal Property
  • Boat Show/Exhibition
  • Owned Watercraft

Marinas also employ a number of individuals that may require benefit packages to be in compliance with federal laws. The United States Longshore and Harbor Workers Act and Jones Act are two laws that need to be consulted when establishing a policy. Marina insurance brokers will know the particulars and will assist with drafting a coverage plan that keeps your company compliant and your clients happy.

Protecting Your Home in Paramus, New Jersey

Being a homeowner has its ups and downs. It’s wonderful to have a place to call your own, perhaps with a family to live and grow with together. It’s a staple of many people’s lifestyle dreams. However, if something were to happen which caused damage to the house or its contents, that dream can quickly become a nightmare. This is why looking into getting insurance for a homeowners policy in Paramus, NJ, is a paramount process for protection.

What Does Homeowners Insurance Cover?

While this varies from one policy to the next, depending both on the insurance and particular situation, there are some qualities that are typically covered. Some of these include:

  • The building itself
  • Property damage done to objects belonging to someone else
  • Injuries caused by a household member on another person
  • Personal items within the property
  • Hotel bills while repairs are done on the house

Specific Risks in Paramus

Being a coastal city means that houses in the area are at risk of a number of things that would not exist in more inland cities. While living near the coast has its benefits, it’s important to look into a homeowners policy in Paramus which includes insurance for floods, wind and hail in the case of potential storms and hurricanes.

Four Liability Coverages For Your Warehouse

Running a warehouse exposes you to a lot of liability risks. Protecting yourself against these risks can play a major role in your long-term financial success. Below are four of the key liability coverages you need to include in your insurance policy to keep your business protected.

Defining Liability Insurance

Simply put, liability insurance covers payments towards incidents and lawsuits where a non-employee suffers a loss because of your business activities. This can range from personal injury to property or financial loss.

Examples of Liability Insurance

General Liability – as the name implies, general liability is generic coverage for lawsuits from third parties claiming that they experienced bodily injury or property damage because of your business.

Warehouse Legal Liability Insurance – offers payments to repair or replace your clients’ items in case they become damaged or lost while in your possession.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance – offers payments for lawsuits involving claims of unlawful practices such as discrimination, sexual harassment and wrongful termination.

Cyber Liability Insurance – in case your customers’ confidential data becomes exposed or stolen by a hacker, your policy will cover the costs that are usually associated with such incidents including lawsuits, fines and penalties, customer notifications and credit monitoring.

General liability, employment practices liability, cyber liability and warehouse legal liability insurance are only some of the liability coverages available for warehouses. Work with an experienced agent to ensure that your policy includes the coverages that fit your needs.

No Workers Compensation: How It Negatively Impacts Your Business

For most businesses, workers compensation programs are a requirement. The specifics of the laws vary from state to state. One thing is for sure though, it is crucial to every business that hires employees.

Workers compensation coverage helps pay for claims against your business when an employee suffers an injury on the job.

Legal Ramifications

In many places, you have to have workers compensation for your employees. If you forego it, then you may have to deal with legal consequences. For instance, you may face jail time or have to pay a fine for not having insurance.

Monetary Obligations

If you do not have workers compensation, as the business owner, you may be personally liable. This means that you have to pay for any medical bills out of pocket, not to mention lost wages. If the employee files suit, then you also may have to pay for pain and suffering, not to mention your own legal fees. Now, if you are required by law to have workers compensation programs, you may also suffer a fine.

Even if you think that you are cutting corners or saving money by not investing in workers compensation programs, you may end up paying more in the end. After all, legal fees and fines cost more money than the insurance itself.

5 Social Media Ideas for Insurance Agents

Social media is booming in recent years. Not only do people use these types of websites to keep in touch with friends but also find helpful and personal services through businesses and companies. In order to successfully reach out to potential and current clients of your insurance, there are various methods you can try. Here are just a few ideas for insurance social media content to try.

1. Post an Introduction

Creating a humanizing presence to your social media account is vital in encouraging trust and grabbing attention. To start off, introduce yourself on your page to let people know the person behind the account and agency.

2. Make Use of Trends

Trending topics on social media grab the attention of more people. Including the topic or hashtag in your insurance social media content can drive more traffic to your post and page.

3. Post for the Holidays

Holidays are always something to look forward to. Join in on the conversation and excitement by making posts about upcoming ones.

4. Make Them Laugh

Everyone can use a good laugh. Using humor will give a positive connection to your insurance agency as well as prompt people to share your posts.

5. Join the Conversation

Commenting directly to people adds both a human element as well as allows for helpful interactions. People will remember if you reply to them, and if you offer them aid, they’ll find out they can trust you to work with them.

3 Benefits of Recreational Boat Insurance

Toss on a life jacket and hit the water in your boat on a warm sunny day for recreational fun. The day is hot and the water is cool perfect for water skiing, tubing or swimming. Protect your boat and yourself against financial loss in the event of an accident. Recreational marine insurance programs provide owners with three key benefits.

Liability Coverage

Cover your liabilities in the event your boat hits another vessel whether due to a freak storm or plain bad luck. Instead of you having to pay the full amount, the insurance helps you cover the costs.

Property Damage

Repairs or full replacement of your boat can be very expensive. Insurance steps in and covers the costs of those repairs many up to the full cost of the boat. In addition, they often cover the towing and transportation of the vessel to the repair facility.

Bodily Injury

While no one wishes anyone to get hurt while out on the water, accidents do happen. The insurance helps cover the cost of treatment and hospitalization due to a boating accident.

Take advantage of these benefits provided by recreational marine insurance programs. They can save you money and time. Stay safe out on the water and enjoy the peace of mind of a solid insurance plan.

Insurance Products for “Green” Businesses

A well-kept and beautifully landscaped yard can be the pride and joy of a homeowner. While they look effortlessly groomed, landscapers, arborists and other “green” businesses understand how much hard work goes into maintaining it. There is a myriad of things that can go wrong when working in a yard. Massachusetts insurance agents provide policies that may offer financial protection that prevents enormous costs from devastating a small landscaping business.

Unfortunately, mistakes, accidents, and injuries that occur on the job may lead to lawsuits. Insurance agents offering specialized products for landscapers and lawn care companies can customize policies to cover situations from property damage and slip-and-fall accidents to Worker’s Comp and other common risks. General liability insurance can cover the cost of a third-party lawsuit over these issues as well as reputational damage.

Having the right tools, supplies and equipment are vital to the success of a lawn care related business. Property insurance can help cover losses as a result of theft, fire, vandalism and other specified events. Tools and equipment may include everything from rakes and wheelbarrows to computers and printers.

Business owner’s policies bundle property and general liability insurance, often at a reduced premium. Massachusetts insurance agents can help small business owners select the policies which best suit their needs. Commercial auto insurance, Worker’s Comp and inland marine policies may be added to provide the coverage you need and reduce unnecessary risk.