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Risky Business Needs Specialized Insurance

Many people may not realize how risky the staffing industry can be. Staff insurance covers the unique needs and exposure staffing services face that are not covered under standard insurance policies.

The high risk stems from the fact that the staffing agency is liable for the actions of its employees who have been staffed at off-site locations and are being supervised by the agency’s clients. It’s important to acquire staff insurance to manage the three primary types of exposure that staffing companies face.

1. Work Performed

This exposure involves the mistakes of a qualified contract worker that result in a financial loss for the client. Anyone can make a mistake, but a contract worker is the responsibility of the staffing agency, therefore they staffing agency may be liable for the loss.

2. Serviced Provided

Staffing firms may also provide services beyond simply staffing. This can include managing such things as payroll, employee benefits or recruiting. Any mistakes made in the performance of these services puts the staffing agency at risk.

3. Placement

One of the primary goals of a staffing agency is to provide staff to their clients. If the agency can’t provide the staff, provides unqualified staff, or does not perform the proper screening or testing, the staffing agency is at risk. Less common, but still possible, is the risk of a worker bringing a lawsuit against the staffing agency for misrepresenting the work opportunity.

Needless to say, navigating the pitfalls of the staffing industry can be difficult, so it is important that maintain the correct staff insurance to protect yourself against these three common types of exposure.

Utilizing an Insurance Marketing Company

With all of the options available to the thousands of agencies all competing for business, when it comes to online insurance marketing, all of your research has probably unearthed a plethora of clever ways to get your brand out there and help you to do your best to outdo the competition. But when all is said and done, without proper guidance all of your efforts may still go to waste.


We cannot express the importance of doing it right the first time, so if this is a new arena for you then you might be better served by enlisting the services of an Insurance Marketing Company with experience in how to reach your target audience and get the results that you desire.


One thing you need to remember is that it’s really all about the customer experience. Building your website so that it will enable you to gather the necessary feedback will allow you to consider exactly what the visitors to your site like (and what they don’t like). Using their recommendations and listening to their concerns will help you adjust your company’s tactics and increase customer retention.


First, you need to optimize your website


Below are some key areas insurance agents should focus on to build a strong foundation for online marketing efforts. All marketing efforts should point to your insurance website. In order to create an optimized website that will serve the intended purpose (in other words, so you’re easily found), you need to incorporate keyword strategy, have a visibly appealing layout, include a call-to-action on every page, and make sure your content is relevant and newsworthy.


Social media serves as a great way to build brand identity and generate insurance leads, so complete your profiles online and engage on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Quora and Google +. Blogs are another proven way to become engaged and are one of the top lead generators for insurance online marketing, so it would be wise of you to create blogs and post new ones at least twice a week. You want the content to be relevant, newsworthy, keyword rich, and consistent.


Having guest bloggers can be helpful and advantageous. If you lack the confidence to orchestrate all of this on your own, and it can be a tricky thing to do, then call on a reputable Insurance Marketing Company that can provide you with the content you need.