Machine Dealer Insurance

Machine Dealer Insurance and Coverage for Injuries

No one likes to think about workers compensation claims when it comes to their own business. They feel like their employees understand the safety rules and regulations to the letter, that they would never attempt to move equipment that is too heavy or cumbersome without the proper gear or the required assistance to do so safely, and that they provide a culture that would never allow someone to take unnecessary risks at work.

In a perfect world, no one would ever get hurt while performing the duties of their job. But the fact is, rarely does a moment go by that someone, somewhere is involved in an incident that results in an injury. It may be minor (and this can be a blessing), but serious injuries happen, often unavoidably, and for office machine dealers and suppliers, there are many risks associated with this line of work. Machine dealer insurance that specifically addresses workers compensation is a mainstay in any equipment dealer’s insurance portfolio.

Workers Comp in mandated here in New York

Workers’ Compensation, which is mandated by New York State law, helps to protect a company’s assets as well as financially assists employees who are injured, disabled, or made ill during the course of performing their work duties.

Insurers understand the need to carry this vital coverage and are happy to assist owners in finding just the right coverage options to ensure they are doing all they can to provide the best care and services to those who they depend on to keep their business running smoothly.

For many, this coverage is a significant cost of doing business. But suffering an injury at work can have serious consequences for both, the injured party, as well as other employees who may feel concerned about their own well being and safety. How an injury is handled can go a long way towards building trust and reassuring other employees that, should they suffer the same fate, they will be given the best treatment, resulting in a speedier recovery.

The right insurer can help keep costs down with safety reviews and programs designed to educate your employees and minimize their chances of being injured or becoming ill. Make the right choice and speak to an agent about your machine dealer insurance needs and concerns today.

Workers Compensation Risk Management in Machine Dealer Insurance

Many exposures are created in machine dealer insurance by the variety of operations inherent in the business. This can result in high workers compensation premiums. To decrease incidents and lower insurance expense, business owners often turn to risk management strategies. Here are some methods that have proven effective in reducing claims:

Employee Education

Educating employees about proper procedures and accident prevention is the first step to effective risk management. Different hazards exist for the various aspects of the business. Sales personnel, delivery drivers, machine installers and repair technicians all perform specific tasks that call for their own precautions. Each person should be knowledgeable of the safest way to carry out necessary duties.

Correction of Possible Hazards

All workers need to be on the look-out for situations that could be perilous, and steps should be taken to mitigate possible dangers. Supervisors should evaluate business practices on a continuing basis to identify potential problems and find alternate methods that could improve safety.

Partnership with Insurer

Insurance companies that specialize in machine dealer insurance frequently provide programs to assist companies in finding effective strategies of risk management. Some insurers offer workers compensation insurance that pays dividends for decreased claims, rewarding the company’s successful safety practices with lower premiums.

Reducing incidents lessens overall loss for claims and can also bring down the cost of workers compensation insurance. Aggressive risk management programs can be of great financial benefit to machine dealers.


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