Professional Liability Insurance

Misuse of Products and California Product Liability Insurance

As a manufacturer, you need to do everything necessary to protect your company against product liability claims. Ensuring that proper processes are in place and identifying problem areas can go a long way towards providing protection for your company, but it’s certainly not enough. If consumers claim that there is a product liability issue with an item you produce you’re going to need California product liability insurance to fight those claims, or otherwise pay for any damages incurred.

State laws help determine what constitutes product liability

In certain states, the law requires that the product be properly packaged or labeled to give reasonable warnings of dangers about the product and/or to give completed instructions on proper use of said product. A company has the right to defend against this type of claim if, for instance, the injury was caused by misuse by the consumer. This is provided that you manufactured the product according to standards set by state and federal law.

As an example, let’s say your company produces a product that is intended only for a particular use, but a consumer who purchased your product used it in a way in which it was not intend and was injured. How do you now protect your company against this type of claim? Manufacturers can protect themselves against claims of this nature by developing a process to regularly monitor and update product labels and always provide instructions that clearly state the intended use by the consumer. In addition to carrying California product liability insurance you should go to some lengths to determine in what ways you can limit your risk.

Manufacturers can also protect themselves against this type of claim by developing a process to record the specifications of each product before shipping to an OEM. This process allows the manufacturer to easily reference the state of the product when it was delivered to the OEM. Your company can limit or avoid exposure to this claim if the injury was caused by a modification or alteration to the product made after it was delivered to the initial customer.

Basic Trenton NJ Business Insurance Policy Tips

Every business should be insured, as you well know, because you need to protect yourself against all types of litigation and legal concerns. But as a first-time business owner, you may find it hard to navigate through the various options offered by the different agencies, as well as the plans currently available to you. As your business becomes more successful, the risks of operating without having the proper insurance in place often increases. Buying Trenton NJ business insurance is certainly the right choice for your company.

You need coverage for many exposures

You should begin by researching the insurance packages commonly carried by other professionals in your industry. Depending on the nature of your business, you’ll most likely need several of the following policies: general liability, commercial property insurance, professional liability, product liability, business interruption and worker’s compensation.

Commercial auto is needed whether you have a fleet of vehicles or even just a couple used for businesses purposes. Speaking with fellow entrepreneurs who work under similar circumstances may help you to determine some of your own needs, but keep in mind that commercial insurance agents are well equipped to offer you a Trenton NJ business insurance policy since they are familiar with a wide range of business needs. They can also help provide insight into what may be best for your company at the present time.

For affordable coverage for your new business, it’s often best to start with a business owner’s policy (BOP), a type of policy that combines both property and general liability insurance, and typically covers events that cause suspended operations, property damage or lawsuits. Depending on the type of business you own and the number of employees you have, you may need additional specific types of insurance, but a BOP will at least provide basic protection from common business losses. It’s important that small business owners have a conversation with an insurance agent about what a BOP policy does and doesn’t cover.

Insurance is the single greatest expense for many independent business owners. The cost of insurance varies for every business, but some providers specialize in insuring specific types of businesses, and can determine whether your business’s needs call for additional coverage types.

Protecting Your Staff with Workers Compensation Programs

You know that the stakes are awfully high for workers in nursing homes simply for the fact that they face the risk of injury due to all of the strenuous duties and tasks they perform every day. These injuries can often be the result of activities performed in their regular service to patients residing at their facility.

Various nursing home Workers Compensation Programs allow you to provide insurance to your clients that face the concern of losing staff to injuries, sometimes severe enough that they may miss work for weeks or even months. This coverage is not only mandatory, but it provides the type of financial and medical support those injured individuals will rely on during their recuperation and, with any luck, a subsequent return to the workplace.

Types of injuries covered by workers comp insurance

Provided that the injury occurs at work, or while on the job, most are covered under any standard workers comp claim. Musculoskeletal injuries are rather common, and these can often occur as a result of a simple slip and fall accident. For example, falling on a floor that was recently mopped can lead to sprained ankles, torn muscles, and even bruised tendons.

Nurses and other staff responsible for carrying residents, often in a fragile state and especially at awkward angles, can easily become injured. Such activities can result in back strains, herniated discs, and over-extension of certain muscles, plus there is the additional risk for major back problems and other musculoskeletal problems.

Exposure to pathogens and other infectious agents

The American Nursing Association estimates that as many as two out of three nurses report being accidentally stuck with needles at work. This raises concerns about the possibility that a syringe that may contain viruses, bacteria, or other pathogens could puncture the skin, and this could quite possibly put that nurse at risk for serious illness. Nurses are also asked to handle biological waste, as well as perform work with medicines and chemicals that could cause an adverse reaction.

There are also concerns about psychological issues developing. This could be due to long hours, lack of natural sunlight at some facilities, and even poor eating habits, all of which could produce any number of psychological ailments, including anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and even problems related to sleeping.

Therefore your clients operating nursing homes need the valuable protection of Workers Compensation Programs to deal with all types of issues related to the health of their staff.

CT Insurance Companies Provide Great Services

Everyone has asset protection needs, as well as reasons for deciding to purchase life, home, and auto insurance. For one thing, a life policy provides a certain amount of comfort for their spouses, children, and significant others. Parents also want to know that the money will be there for their children in the event that an unfortunate incident occurs and they are no longer around to provide care and assistance.

Auto insurance is required and helps pay medical bills and other expenses too high for the average person to deal with if uninsured. And, of course, a home policy helps with repairs and replacement when a house is damaged or otherwise becomes uninhabitable. Whatever your reason might be, most people realize that insurance helps provide overall peace of mind, and everyone has their own specific reasons why they need to contact ct insurance companies about their products and services.


Insurance helps greatly when a loss occurs

Whether you have a car accident, become too ill to work, or have a house that is devastated by a major storm, these three policies will come to your aid when you need it most. Personal insurance policies are a source of great relief when a disaster or accident strikes, and the cost of coverage is nothing compared to the excessive out-of-pocket expenses one might incur.

For example, no one wants his or her family to experience hardship when it is totally unnecessary. An employer-sponsored life insurance policy can be less expensive than purchasing a policy on your own, plus with group insurance from work your risk is spread across a big pool of people, so it’s easier to be granted coverage.

But many workplaces still require you provide “evidence of insurability” once you increase your coverage limit past a certain amount, and with a face value that is not likely to cover as much as you may wish, you can accomplish this by adding a small supplemental life insurance policy in an amount that would cover those final expenses.

CT insurance companies can help make your future more secure. There are agents standing by ready and willing to help. Remember that there’s no time like the present to get the coverage you need. Speak to an agent about ct insurance companies and what they have to offer you!

Three Reasons You Need Construction General Liability in Newton, NJ

As a general contractor, you have a lot you are responsible for. Your work site is often a dangerous place to be and you typically have the duty of making sure your employees are protected from those dangers. As you consider the options you have, don’t overlook construction general liability in Newton, NJ. The following are three reasons you need this coverage:

  1. Security – Instead of worrying about claims being brought against you simply for handling a dangerous job, you can do what you are best at and know you are secure if someone comes after you financially. This also gives your employees a sense of security.
  2. Protection – You need your assets to do your job, and if they are seized so you can afford a judgment, you could be put out of business. General liability protects your assets, and essentially your company.
  3. Survival – Nobody plans to have a judgment brought against them, but especially in a risky industry, you can’t be too careful. You need a survival plan to ensure your business stays intact no matter what happens.

As you can see, there are some important reasons to consider construction general liability in Newton, NJ. Speak with your insurance agent today to get more of an idea of what you can do to protect your business and your employees.

How to Market Insurance? Social Media is the Key

When asked how to market insurance in a way that will attract potential customers, most agents will tell you that you truly have to embrace the online mediums currently available and make them work for you. Through the use of content marketing, really good content marketing, you can make things happens and get some positive results. When you create and share interesting content that’s meant to help, and not just sell, people feel that you truly have their best interests in mind.

The idea is to get your policyholders eager to hear from you so that you’re the first person who comes to mind when they need to add or make changes to their current portfolio. A lot of time and money may be invested in setting up a website and social media accounts, but if nothing seems to really be working that’s probably because it’s time to take the next step.

Let your social media sites promote you to their fullest

One way to attract and build an audience is by posting a new blog post every week. And what better way to share these then on your social networks. This is a warmer approach than email or even telephone marketing, since social media audiences have the ability to like and share these posts with friends. That’s why sharing high quality content to your social networks is an essential key to having a socially engaged network of followers.

Running your referral campaign through Facebook is a great idea. Most of the youngsters have moved on to Snapchat and other vehicles and the audience using Facebook is now skewing a little older and may be receptive to your campaign. You can promote all of your content through email and social media, and then have everyone “Like” your page in order for them to be able to submit referrals. This is a great way to get your email only clients on your social media channels and your social clients to read all the great blog posts and links you’ve been sharing. This is perhaps one of the best ideas when it comes to deciding just how to market insurance.

Hospitality Insurance Programs Help to Reduce Exposures

Your customers rely on you to give them a nice experience whenever they enter your establishment. Whether you run a restaurant, a bar, or a nightclub they expect to be entertained, and to be provided with a relaxed atmosphere where they can socialize after their work is all done. However, as an owner of one of these establishments, you must be prepared to deal with any number of situations that could turn a nice night out into bad situation.

A kitchen fire, food borne illness, a simple slip and fall on a wet floor can all lead to injuries and perhaps a lawsuit. There are many serious considerations that require you to contact any number of hospitality insurance programs before you open your doors for the first time. The time to get coverage is before you actually need it. This is especially true for an industry stemming with issues resulting from alcohol consumption, which is unique to a small sector of businesses.

Hospitality venues require coverage for several concerns

Insurers often devote an inordinate amount of time studying the legal issues that operators and owners of these types of enterprises have to deal with. They take a sincere interest in determining the inherent exposures that you may face and try to find viable solutions to these risks and exposures.

These are the sort of issues that require insurance agents and brokers who cater to this industry to take an in-depth look, because without a specialized approach to managing hospitality locales, your hospitality insurance coverage could be filled with gaps, and that could potentially leave you underinsured at the worst possible time.

You need to take the time to meet with your agent and thoroughly review every aspect of your business in order to determine the broadness of coverage required. This will certainly help ensure that you are fully covered for any and all occurrences. This will also help to promote the type of relationship and services expected from your broker.

The hospitality industry faces new and growing challenges every day. These challenges must be met head on, and finding solutions to your own unique circumstances will help to complete the process. Most importantly, you’ll need to continue to operate in this competitive industry to the best of your ability, and securing coverage from hospitality insurance programs will help you to accomplish those goals.


Clients, Employees, and New Jersey Contractors Insurance

There are many ways to protect your construction business and having proper new jersey contractors insurance is just one of them. One of the first areas that need considerable thought is your hiring practices. You’ll want to hire a team of employees that is dependable and responsible. Having good people in place working for you is one of the keys to success. Make sure that you not only hire competent workers, but also ensure that you keep them happy and continue to retain good workers for all of your company’s projects.

Make the client your number one priority

Always put the client first. This is accomplished by having a good line of communication. While performing the work, make sure to stay in communication with the client along with others you’ll be working with. Not only will this allow for the project to run smoother, it may also lead to being awarded future projects.

You’re going to be judged first and foremost by the service you provide. The best way to increase customer referrals is by offering quality service to all of your customers, big and small. Satisfied clients will offer referrals that will grow your client base and increase profitability. It is a prudent practice to make sure that you are not only reaching out to potential new clients but also checking in on previous ones. Make sure that they know how to contact you in the event that there are any issues with the work you’ve performed.

Also, remember that the world is constantly changing. It’s important to stay up to date with technological advances within the industry. Being familiar with any new technology can help increase production as well as allow for better networking.

Having all the necessary New Jersey contractors insurance coverage in place will give you some much needed security. Growing your business requires that you take certain precautions to help ensure the security of yourself, your clients, and your employees, including visitors to work sites and even unexpected guests or intruders. You need a policy that will protect you and the business against injury and property loss.

Your Need for Professional Liability Lawyers Insurance

Any attorney worth his or her salt will tell you that in order to adequately protect your career as an attorney you need Professional Liability Lawyers insurance. You’re probably not going to hear about the increasing number of civil lawsuits that attorneys get entangled in because these types of incidents just aren’t newsworthy, but the risk of financial and professional ruin for many is a stark reality. The best protection available is some form of professional liability coverage.

As an attorney, you face the possibility of a malpractice lawsuit arising from any number of issues, including errors and omissions, failure to meet your client expectations, and – this happens more often than you might think – attempts by clients to recoup financial losses.

Even when unfounded, as can often be the case, a defense or settlement of a lawsuit will generally cause a great amount of distraction to you and your firm. This can have a major impact, as it is likely to reduce billable time, expose personal assets to risk, and will often create financial hardship.

Determining exactly how much coverage is needed

Professional liability coverage often comes with two liability limits (split limits). The per-claim limit is the maximum coverage you will have for any single claim in the policy period. The aggregate limit is the maximum coverage you’ll have for all claims covered in the policy period.

Litigation is expensive. Some policies can include a claims expense allowance, which is in addition to the liability limits. “Claims expense” means fees charged by any attorney designated by the malpractice carrier to represent you in a claim and all other fees, costs and expenses resulting from the investigation, adjustment, defense, repair and appeal of a claim, if incurred by the malpractice carrier.

Insurance needs differ for everyone, and this includes attorneys. You’re going to need to consider things like professional liability limits, deductibles, extra claim expenses, privacy breach coverage, prior acts coverage, perhaps even directors and officers coverage, where this may apply.

No one wants to risk their practice and their reputation because of an error or mistake that lands them in the middle of a lawsuit. Professional Liability Lawyers coverage will quite possibly be the best investment your firm will ever make.

Negligent Acts and Professional Liability Insurance in Atlanta

For companies in the Georgia capital that provide professional services to clients, or in the business of giving professional advice and opinions, purchasing Professional Liability Insurance in Atlanta is must-have coverage. In addition, there may also be instances where you may enter in a contract where your client requires you to have professional liability coverage (PL), as a means of protecting their own interests. Everyone has different needs and different circumstances, so whatever your business model, you want to make sure that you currently have the correct coverage.

A list of professionals requiring PL coverage

This coverage is very important for anyone working in the financial services sector, such as accountants, tax preparers, insurance agents and the like. Consultants for businesses, tech firms, marketing companies, and management consultants also have exposures requiring this policy, as well as engineers, architects, real estate agents, attorneys or those working in the medical field, because without coverage for any possible errors or omissions during the course of your daily operations, you could face litigation and damaging financial consequences.

There are many benefits to having professional liability insurance, including personal injury coverage, coverage for defense costs, and even full severability (for partners deemed innocent of any wrongdoing). The main focus of this coverage is to deal with any allegations related to demonstrating a failure to perform a service sold by the policyholder.

It can also protect against any financial loss caused by your product or service, or even, as previously stated, an error or omission. A claim made for breach of contract will often be combined with a negligence claim. This frequently occurs where there are allegations of negligent performance of a contractual obligation as the basis for a breach of contract.

Implied in most professional services contracts is the promise that professional services will be preformed in a non-negligent manner. For example, in lawsuits against architects, it will usually be asserted that causes of action are for negligent design and/or supervision, and breach of contract.

Having Professional Liability Insurance in Atlanta simply means that, if accused of a negligent act, or other error resulting in damages to your client, this policy will come in handy when you face litigation.