SEO Insurance

Successful Agency Insurance Marketing Strategies

Every agency has its own method of obtaining prospects and leads, some traditional, some a bit more disruptive. It’s important to see what works best for you, based on your location, your targets and other factors.

One way of attracting people is through seminars and expos to showcase your knowledge, products and services. Once you have your audience, be sure to pass out business cards, or set appointments with interested parties. Sign people up while the information is fresh in their minds and they’re expressing a desire to learn more. Any lack of urgency on your part can result in a cooling-off period that will reduce the number of appointments kept.

Maintain a database for future use

Once they become clients, make sure that you keep them informed on new and exciting products that they, or people they know, may have an interest in. Make sure you have a clean database of your attendees so you can send out a monthly newsletter and regular updates. Remember, just because someone didn’t immediately set up for an appointment doesn’t mean that they aren’t interested. By remaining a presence in their mind you may end up contacting them at a time when your services could be of value to them.

Sending birthday cards and anniversary cards to both new and existing clients shows them that the agency cares about them. This is a great way to help strengthen those relationships. Following trends in the industry can also be advantageous. Send an email blast regarding any recent tax changes, renewal notices, or any other important changes to clients as they occur.

Putting blogs and articles in association newsletters as well as on social media sites adds credibility to the agency and can also foster good Agency Insurance Marketing, and remember to send these blogs and articles to clients, friends, family and associates. You work hard building your book of business, and it pays to make sure that clients remain year in and year out. A lack of attentiveness could allow them to get swept away by a competitor or direct seller. Part of your job is to keep in touch continually throughout the year, not just at renewal time.

Insurance Search Engine Marketing

Independent agents and brokers everywhere see how vital the Internet is for connecting with prospects and providing service to customers all while striving to reach their potential. Since most people now research their options via the web prior to making a purchase, whether for comparisons or feedback, it’s essential to show up in the listings near the top in order to have a shot.

By implementing a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy you can make it easier for people to find you. This is vital to your Insurance Search Engine Marketing plan. People generally use a search engine to find the most popular sites, so you can really benefit by your website having a high ranking.

SEO is the online equivalent of having an office space in the center of town – it’s in a location that is easily accessible. The point is to make your agency highly visible in the ever-expanding Internet universe.

Creating a strong online presence

Essentially, your SEO strategy should elevate your firm’s placement in searches for people using specific keywords related to your line of business. Using relevant keywords entered into a search enables your site to rise higher on the list. While the major search engines don’t advertise their methodologies for determining how these placements are constructed (those algorithms are said to constantly be changing) there is a real need for agents to implement ways to increase their search engine rankings.

The most important driver in SEO is the frequency with which your site is clicked on within the search results themselves. If someone is searching for business insurance in your zip code and your site appears in the results and is clicked on often, then your ranking in that search engine will continue to elevate.
Another important way to rank higher in search results is by the number of, and popularity of, other websites linked to yours that help to drive traffic to your site. Having strong relationships with a number of different organizations is extremely helpful, and it can be critical to focus on securing prominent links from other respective websites. Insurance Search Engine Marketing is a key to your survival in today’s competitive marketplace.

Insurance SEO Enhances Website Ratings

The agencies that benefit from search engine optimization (SEO) are the ones that focus on original content and quality back links. Continued use of original content will help you see gains in your SEO for your insurance website. It’s important that agents and agencies look for quality ways to make SEO rankings improve, but should avoid using many of the so-called “Black Hat” SEO tactics that Google is quick to identify and disapproves of. This will have the opposite effect on your Insurance SEO rankings.

Do not overuse keywords (keyword stuffing)

Keyword stuffing, the art of putting a keyword phrase, or several, multiple times within a webpage, is certainly not a good idea. This generally results in whatever you do have on the page literally not making much sense. The reason this is done is so that the keywords are visible to the search engine, with the idea that it will help you rank better in Google, however this is often not the case.

Hidden text is not beneficial

Google warns Webmasters to avoid the use of hidden test, which is often seen (or not seen) as white text on a white background in the footer of a webpage. Locating text behind an image is another example of this. Essentially a Webmaster places this text on a webpage for search engines as a way to boost rankings, a tactic that is also not seen favorably by Google.

Do not use automatically generated pages

This consists of paragraphs of random text that makes no sense to the reader but which may contain search keywords. Examples include text translated by an automated tool, text generated through automated processes or using obfuscation techniques. This is often not checked thoroughly and often contains errors and is seen unfavorably by visitors to the site as well as Google.

Do not use link farms

A link farm is used by some Webmasters in an attempt to bolster their SEO rankings. A website (or a group of websites) is created only for the purpose of increasing the link popularity of another site by increasing the number of incoming links. Link farming is considered a “black hat” method of search engine optimization (SEO) because the content on the web sites is often of very low quality. Insurance SEO for agencies should avoid using any of these tactics, only using legitimate long-term search optimization strategies.