Close the Gaps With Non-Owned Auto Liability Insurance

staffing agency insurance

As a staffing firm, your company already has enough liability exposure on its hands. If your contractors use their own cars, rent automobiles or operate your clients’ vehicles during the course of business, you absolutely must add a policy to handle the related claims to your staffing agency insurance package. The perfect answer for this type of risk is hired and non-owned auto liability coverage.

What Hired and Non-Owned Auto Liability Does for You

When your employees rent vehicles or drive those belonging to your clients, their actions automatically add another avenue of potential liability. They may be asked to purchase extra coverage from the rental agency, and your contracts with clients may require you to assume responsibility for damages caused by your staff.

While hired and non-owned auto coverages are a common addition to business insurance policies, some versions do not handle property or bodily injury claims related to a contract worker operating a client automobile. It’s vital to make sure that this component of your staffing agency insurance provides coverage in those instances. If not, and if your agency doesn’t make it possible to add on, switching insurance brokers may be the best solution.

Staffing Insurance Brokers With Sophisticated Solutions

Staffing insurance can be a complex and at times puzzling aspect of doing business. However, choosing a respected service provider with access to the global marketplace and top-rated carriers results in fully customized solutions that fit your firm’s needs.