Commercial Auto Insurance for Staffing Firms

Your staffing firm is exposed to multifarious sources of potential liability. The placement of temporary workers, the services they deliver to clients and any other services you directly offer to your customers are all areas that open you up to potential claims through a variety of causes. The operation of your fleet vehicles is no different, which is why you need a commercial auto policy as part of your staffing agency insurance package to shield you against losses that could reach significantly high dollar amounts.

What Commercial Auto Can Do for You

Also known as owned auto liability, this type of coverage is meant to address transport or other business activities what use your company-owned cars. Typically, you can purchase these policies for cars, trucks and vans as well as commercial use trailers. This insurance usually protects in several different types of loss or claim scenarios:

  • Damage, destruction or loss of business vehicles
  • Damage to vehicles or property owned by others resulting from the actions by the insured party or its authorized agents
  • Injury or death of individuals operating company-owned vehicles

Purchasing owned auto liability for your entire fleet can offer significant savings, particularly if you own five or more company vehicles. Fleet-wide insurance can provide additional specific benefits besides standard coverage. Your insurance agent can help you determine the best risk management strategy for your company vehicles when packaging your staffing agency insurance.