Common Risks for Radiologists

cyber medical imaging

Radiologists are vital to the medical community, using specialized equipment to generate images used to assess patient injuries and diseases. These medical doctors’ contributions are indispensable to formulating thorough and accurate diagnoses. However, the world of radiology, especially cyber medical imaging, does have its own unique risks.

Occupational Hazards of the Past

In order to create the detailed, in-depth images that radiologists in the past were exposed to hazards from radiation emitted from machines used. Some of these risks included an increased likelihood of developing health problems such as cardiovascular disease and cancer. Luckily, thanks to modern technology, these risks are drastically minimized, no longer posing any significant threat to these professionals.

Modern-Day Concerns

While those working in radiology no longer need to worry about job-related health concerns, there are still work-related exposures that they must prepare for. When working in this field, including cyber medical imaging, actual risks that must be addressed include:

  • Cybersecurity for confidential images and information
  • Actual occurrences or accusations of malpractice
  • Commercial property

With any other business, basics such as workers compensation, commercial auto and employee conduct-related issues must have safeguards. A practical solution is to find a specialized plan that not only addresses field-specific concerns but also has a solid foundation that covers all other liabilities. These are the only real risks of working in radiology and virtually any other medical profession.