Creating the Best Insurance Agency Websites

People will always need insurance, whether to protect valuable personal assets, or for business purposes, and everyone buys insurance at one time or another. Why they purchase their insurance from one agency over another is usually determined by how the services and products are presented. People want to understand what they’re buying, how it will impact them, and the ease in which they’ll be able to file a claim and get quick results.


Many insurance agents will all be vying for their business. Now that practically everyone shops online, including for insurance products, it’s important for agencies to have their own presence. No matter the type of insurance being sold, one thing will never change: consumers are using the Internet, not only to find insurance, but also to compare policies and pricing. The best insurance agency websites must have good SEO, be easy to navigate and be responsive to questions and queries. Without this, it can be difficult to position your company online so that you can achieve a higher level of success.


Hire a professional


When building a website for insurance one thing of major importance comes to mind and that is conversions. An agent wants people to come to their website and, either submit their contact information, or make contact via telephone. Either way, this shows that the site is generating interest, and that can help to put the agency in a position to make sales. Hire a designer or developer, someone capable of making a well designed website. Look at other sites for inspiration and see what looks good, but also which ones are easiest to navigate.


Your site should be consumer-friendly


When someone is a visitor to a website and can’t find contact information easily then the website will in all likelihood fail. Above all else, make this a simple process. To ensure that contact information is easily accessible, include an email address and phone number on the home page, and using the header or a sidebar is the best location for this information.


Chances are that there are quite a few insurance agents in the area, and for this reason, doing something unique will help set your site apart from the competition. This can also give the consumer added confidence in the products being presented. The best insurance agency websites aren’t really very complex; they’re just well planned out.