CT Car Insurance and Vehicle Maintenance

Hopefully most of us survived this past winter’s turbulent weather. The storms along the east coast were particularly tough on a lot of folks in the area, and driving conditions were quite severe, to say the least. If you managed to avoid getting into a collision, or had the good sense to protect your assets with a CT car insurance policy, then you are probably much better off than some people.

With spring finally upon us, now is as good a time as ever to do a little spring cleaning and check out your vehicle for any damage or concerns from the previous few months, as well as look to exercising some prevention on a couple of common weather-related problems.

The final weeks of winter leading into spring can be rough, and there may be some forgotten issues concerning those terrible road conditions that we experienced that can bring some serious issues. For example, rust damage, which can happen to your automobile over time, as a result of salt used to melt away snow. Drivers will need to protect their cars from the road salt, as it can rust undercarriages and wheel wells. Make sure to take your vehicle to a car wash the first chance you get.

Pothole damage is another post-winter concern

Potholes are another serious problem in areas with a lot of snowfall, since road hazards form when water seeps through cracks in the asphalt and expands in cold weather and contracts in warmer weather. This constant “freeze-thaw cycle” causes the road to break apart and form potholes. This can do serious damage to your car, so try to avoid them when you can and bring your car in for a post-winter checkup to make sure you don’t have any issues.

While your CT car insurance will come in handy if you are involved in an accident, you should be proactive about any damage caused by both of these weather-related issues. If you have concerns about whether you have the necessary coverage in place, contact your local insurance agent. When it comes to your auto insurance policy, if you have any concerns, you always have the option of adding more coverage.