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Cyber Breaches and Healthcare Professionals

Nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and healthcare operators represent a large percentage of businesses in the healthcare industry facing a number of risks and concerns due to the outbreak of cyber breaches and cyber crimes. Cyber breaches are a huge risk for healthcare organizations due to the fact that they store important and confidential information on patients and employees.

This includes storing medical records, credit card information, social security numbers, and other confidential information on their servers. The liability issues can be severely damaging and data breach insurance coverage tops the list of steps to be taken to deal with these types of exposures.

Perform a regular risk assessment

One of the best ways any organization can try and prevent an attack is by knowing areas where they are most vulnerable. It can be extremely helpful to conduct regular risk assessments designed to expose areas of greatest concern. Doing so will enable your clients to identify those areas with the most potential for exposure and protect themselves by putting together a response plan that can protect against a potential attack.

They should, by now, have created a team designed to take on issues related to protecting confidential records. Hackers have become quite sophisticated, so even newer methods of prevention are required. Assign team members well-defined roles and ask them to put most of their focus toward identifying and preventing cyber attacks from occurring.

Regularly update software and systems

Out-of-date software and business systems represent one of the largest areas of vulnerability, which is why it’s recommended that systems be updated regularly. For example, knowing how often updates are released for certain programs can be vital to your client’s protection, as the longer software remains out-of-date, the greater risk of a cyber​ attack.

Most healthcare facilities work with outside vendors that may or may not have strong security practices that also put their businesses at risk. Cloud storage has become increasingly popular, but before selecting any outside company to work with, these facilities should do extensive research to ensure that security procedures are up to standards.

Perhaps the most important risk management step for all healthcare facilities is to secure data breach insurance coverage. No matter what is being done to prevent attacks, there’s always a chance that a breach will occur.