Defects, Recalls and Product Insurance

As most manufacturers will readily admit, today’s business world is much different than in the past when things were a lot simpler. Nowadays life is a bit more complex and complicated. We went from a world where your basic products for everyday living were made by a few large companies and television commercials created household name brands that we all came to depend on to having a vast array of products from which to choose from a variety of manufacturers all of whom are competing for the same vast group of consumers. Such mass production can lead to errors and the likelihood that a few faulty products may make their way into consumers’ homes. This is why businesses need to know how to protect themselves in the event of unforeseen circumstances and that can be accomplished with Product Insurance.

Lawsuits can adversely affect your productivity

No one wants to hear that they are being sued, but claims against manufacturers who provide defective products, or even defective packaging containing products, can very easily find themselves on the wrong end of a lawsuit. Imagine that your company comes up with a revolutionary new product, which you put through strenuous testing, only to later realize that the item is vulnerable to mishaps, resulting in property damage and/or injury arising from the use of the product. This is why owners focus on protecting their companies by obtaining product liability insurance.

The great thing about product liability insurance policies is that they go a long way in giving you the security you require as a business in order to continue producing products that are useful and valuable to consumers. However, you must remain cognizant of the fact that even having just one minor defect can result in major issues. A recall can be very damaging to your reputation as well.

So it’s important to be aware of the implications arising from producing your products once they leave the plant and are placed into the hands of the consumers that will purchase and utilize them. Leave nothing to chance; purchase adequate Product Insurance and provide your company and your staff with the coverage they deserve.