Designing Better Websites for Insurance Agents

Selling insurance is, and has always been, a very competitive market so most smart agents think in terms of what he or she must do in order to get an edge over their competition. The simplest answer is to create a more compelling website, one that sets you apart from the others. Websites for Insurance Agents require a rather different approach than sites maintained by other industries, but with the common goal of obtaining new customers.

The insurance industry has always been about personal contact, so the best insurance agents know that their main focus should be to build up personal relationships with clients, either by meeting in person, or speaking with them over the phone. Once the relationship is established, and the trust in your ability to provide excellent service is there, there’s a good chance that those same clients will be loyal for years to come and not only purchase all of their insurance from you, but also refer others in need of similar services.

Having a great website provides value

Websites are proving to be one of the most effective ways to get new clientele. But in order to be successful a few examples must be taken into consideration. The goal should be to have a website that has information clearly laid out and displayed for all to see. It should first and foremost, be easy to navigate (a good test for the creator is to step back and then enter the website from a visitor’s perspective). Being able to find information fast means the site has a good chance of performing well for users.

Make sure to describe what the services are about and have clearly defined and displayed links that users can click on to find out more about the different insurance products available. Make sure that contact information is easy to find as well and placed on every page (this can be as simple as having a footer at the bottom of each page and a “contact us” link at the top of each page).

Finally, the most successful Websites for Insurance Agents have an insurance quote tool available, making certain it’s always functional. Select a form that will divide up the questions so that users don’t become overwhelmed when responding to the many questions provided on the tool. Hopefully these suggestions will help make your website more successful.