Dog Bite Insurance and Obeying Leash Laws

Dog owners should not underestimate the importance of obeying leash laws in their city or state. Aside from the obvious concerns over citations and fines for not having your dog properly leashed when the animal is on public streets or in restricted areas, in Florida there are 67 counties, most of which have a dog leash law in place. In the event your dog does wander off and bites or injures a person or another animal you’re going to need dog bite insurance to help pay any costs from medical bills or lawsuits.

Why obeying leash laws is important

When in public places like parks, playgrounds, and on sidewalks it’s important for a dog owner to maintain control over a dog in any given situation. In addition, it’s also a necessity to maintain control and all safety precautions while the dog is in or near the owner’s property as well as in residential neighborhoods. It’s your responsibility to keep your pet from jumping on strangers, wandering in front of a car, and also to prevent him or her from having a surprise confrontation with another dog.

With or without a dog leash law in place owners should take all reasonable steps to ensure that the dog is not a threat to others. Unfortunately, there are instances where adults and children are attacked by dogs and may unfortunately suffer serious personal injuries. While not all incidents and injuries can be prevented, by obeying and following the local leash laws owners can help reduce the incidence of dog bite attacks. Common sense dictates that it is advisable to follow these laws for the safety and welfare of others and the community in general, and carry dog bite insurance when an unforeseen incident happens.