Entertainment Liability Insurance for Mobile Businesses

Mobile work has been a huge component of the entertainment industry for generations. Between touring, location-based live events, and private bookings, many performers and management companies wind up needing insurance that is designed around the assumption you will be using mobile or temporary facilities. So, what kind of coverage does the right entertainment liability insurance provide?


For performers, DJs, and other mobile entertainers that provide the performance at shows, coverage needs to take care of your side of any liability incurred, including your actions, possible cancellations, and other basic risks. It also needs to protect your equipment and your people, even if that person is just yourself. In many cases, the venue owner is liable for injuries and other issues that could impact you or your audience, but your actions can lead to damages under the wrong circumstances, in which case you need coverage beyond that carried to protect the venue.

Photographers and Event Planners

The people who document events and those who take charge of the logistics from behind the scenes also need entertainment liability insurance built to their needs, including equipment coverage and cancellations but also specific points of liability unique to those whose responsibility is to create the magic at the time and place of the event. Whether it is a private wedding or a public concert, you need that protection to safely plan for your clients’ needs.