Florida Windstorm Insurance Aids Many Residents

Our state is constantly threatened by the possibility of a hurricane or major tropical storm touching down and causing serious damage, particularly during the high season (June through November). As a homeowner, you must decide on the amount of coverage you’ll need, as the cost for rebuilding or repairing your structure may be higher than when you first purchased your home.


In many areas residents experience hurricanes, as well as wind and hailstorms, which may be a somewhat common occurrence. There are risks inherent to almost everyone living in or near the vicinity. Wind and hail are covered under a Florida windstorm insurance policy, which is vitally important to people living in these types of sub-tropical climates. If your home is ever damaged by a windstorm or hurricane you should immediately notify your insurer. This helps to expedite the process that will get any repairs or restoration underway as quickly as possible.


Your agent will likely be inundated with calls from other concerned homeowners experiencing similar difficulties, so it’s best to remain diligent knowing that he or she will do their best to respond to your call sooner than later. If your house isn’t inhabitable due to the amount of damage, you should plan to find suitable living conditions, the cost of which should be covered by your policy since most homeowners insurance will cover lodging, clothing, food, and any other necessities as designated by the policy.


Water damage due to property damage is a covered loss


A windstorm policy will generally provide coverage for water damage when the water has entered the home as a result of some type of damage to the property. However, if no flood coverage exists for the property, the insurer will make a determination as to whether or not the damage is covered, depending on if it was actually as a direct result of flooding. Understand that there are statutes requiring that a reasonable amount of time be allowed for most repairs to be made.


Wind damage is a huge concern here in Florida when a major storm hits our shores. You should do your part by securing your home against the threat of hurricanes and other major disasters, seek out information about evacuation procedures and local shelters, and purchase florida windstorm insurance to deal with the aftermath of the storm.