A Fresh Approach to Insurance Agent Marketing

Agents selling insurance have their work cut out for them in what is a very competitive market. While email newsletters aren’t anything new, they are a great way to stay in touch with long-time clients and introduce yourself to a whole new crop of prospective customers. If you’re writing a regular blog (please tell me you’re writing a regular blog), doesn’t it make sense to put that content to use in an email newsletter format? Then those policyholders that can’t find the time to actively read blogs will now have that information at their disposal.

Create excitement

This is at the crux of a good insurance agent marketing plan. The idea is to do a campaign that enters everyone into a drawing for a reward. People like getting something in exchange for their participation. For example, for every referral they submit, tell your audience that they’ll be entered to win exciting prizes, like Amazon gift cards or a Starbucks card. If this approach turns out to be successful for you, then perhaps think about doing it on a quarterly basis. (Be aware of your state’s laws when it comes to rewards and gifts.)

The whole idea is to get potential policyholders requesting rate quotes from you. Realize that you’ll be able to close these referrals so much easier than cold leads, so this is your chance to capitalize on your existing policyholders.

Social media is another prime example of putting your audience to work for you. You can accomplish this by running your referral campaign through your Facebook page. Good content has a way of reaching the masses, and when they share that content with friends and associates you’ll end up being considered knowledgeable and an expert in the area of insurance.

You can then continually promote that content through email and social media, and in turn, as more and more people “Like” your page, doing so will allow them access to submit referrals to you. This is perhaps the best way to get your email clients linked in on your social media channels and your social clients reading all the great blog posts and links you’ve been sharing. That is insurance agent marketing at its best!