Getting the Right Coverage for Your Construction Company

The construction industry has wide ranging insurance needs. Depending on the size of your company and projects you manage, the amount and scope of the contractors insurance in Orlando you need may vary.


Large Construction Companies


Large construction companies have very broad reaching insurance needs. If they have multiple offices in different states and work on project all around the county, they need very comprehensive insurance. All aspects of their business need to be covered including work with cranes, scaffolding, and excavation sites. They also need to be protected from any construction defects and property damage.


Small Local Contractors


It is important that small local contractors have the right amount of coverage, even if their needs are not on the same scale as bigger construction companies. They may be more susceptible to a single accident or injury putting them in financial jeopardy. Depending on the type of work small contractors do the coverage they need may fluctuate; contractors that build homes may have different policy needs than those that do general handyman jobs. Working with an insurance agent that is capable of writing a policy specifically tailored to cover their unique business requirements can save them money.


Contractors insurance in Orlando is very important to anyone in the construction business. Finding an experienced insurance company that understands your business can go a long way towards getting the right coverage.

photo credit: *Kicki* cc