A Good Policy Offers Both Protection and Savings

No matter what size they are or whether they are near or far, virtually every company that offers employment consultation services wants to keep a lid on expense creep. While you can’t control how many clients will knock on your door requesting fill-in personnel each month, things like reducing operating costs, improving efficiency and productivity, and trimming overhead costs are definitely tactics that can help fatten the bottom line that are within your control. Temporary staffing insurance can be another opportunity to achieve savings, especially when you work with an experienced, professional insurance agent who is knowledgeable about the many providers in the industry and can provide guidance about the firms that can offer you the kind of program components you need, as well as ensure you are not overpaying for the protection—and yet select coverage that is well rounded to offer protection from the risks that are most common in your line of work.

Protection for a range of exposures

The policy offers coverage for companies that perform direct hire and personnel consulting services, including human resources consulting; career counseling; resume writing, and more. It also covers professional liability for the company, in-house staff, independent contractors that work directly for the business, as well as interns and volunteers in the event they are sued for wrongful acts, errors and omissions by either the potential or hiring employer, and/or by the employee who might be or is made responsible for the performance of services on either a direct-hire or consultant basis.

Talk to a professional about controlling costs

Getting good-quality temporary staffing insurance at a competitive price is best accomplished with the assistance of a professional insurance agent. Your agent will have access to top-rated carriers and can obtain quotes from several to ensure you are not sacrificing quality for savings—because a policy that doesn’t offer the right protection can cost you in the long run. Talk to an agent today to learn more about how to get the greatest bang for your buck.