Great Insurance Agent Marketing Ideas

Marketing ideas are an essential part of any business plan. The better you are at marketing your services and products, the higher your success rate is likely to be. But being an insurance agent is about more than just selling services and products. It involves being a marketing specialist and finding new or unique ways to bring attention to these services, making them more enticing to potential clients. While this makes your job a bit more challenging, it also allows for some creativity and imagination when creating your insurance agent marketing ideas.

There are already hundreds of really great ideas being put to use, now it’s simply a matter of deciding which ones you favor and then perhaps redesigning them to work for your target audience. The important thing is to build and establish relationships. This is how you gain trust, which creates longer lasting relationships.

Conventions and local events are a great place to start

Attending conventions and other local events is a smart move because they always draw large crowds and public interest. Car shows, and electronic shows, always a good draw, are both good targets because most businesses rely on automobiles and electronics and this may be a good time to talk about the many risks and exposures associated with these products.

People who attend these shows are generally excited to talk to other people, particularly if you come off as knowledgeable and also offer some good, free advice. They will often talk passionately about the new gadgets or the latest models coming out, so by engaging them and then offering them a business card, this move doesn’t seem at all awkward or out of place.

You can also try contacting a few local businesses and ask if they’d be interested in being involved in some type of community event. Let them know that you would be willing to offer financial information for free. Even offer to help organize the event, and ask insurance companies you’re partnered with to participate as well. There are so many time-tested methods that can enable you to develop a successful career as an insurance agent just by taking a few insurance agent marketing ideas and breathing new life into them.