Entertainment public liability insurance

Have Your Event Go Off Without a Hitch with the Right Insurance

People love to see concerts and movie premiers, attend festivals and learn something new. Venues of various sizes and interests house large and small events open to the public. Entertaining the public comes with a host of liabilities the business takes on. Entertainment public liability insurance protects the business in the event of a lawsuit arising from the event.

Liquor Liability

If you plan to serve liquor at the event, you need a liquor liability policy. Drunk people let loose on a venue can cause damage to the property, themselves and others. Liquor liability covers the business’ liability in the event something happens.

General Liability

Some venues require a general liability insurance policy to rent them. The policy covers the financial losses resulting in property damage or bodily injury occurring on the premises of everyone employed for the event.

Cancellation Insurance

Depending on the location of the event, natural disasters such as a tornado or hurricane can cause you to cancel your event. Cancellation insurance helps you recoup the deposits and costs already paid for the event if you need to cancel.

These are some of the common insurance policies needed by event holders. The types of entertainment public liability insurance policies needed depend on the event and location. Speak to an insurance agent to determine exactly what exposures your event has and what protection you need.