Health in Review: Looking Into’s Telemedicine Program

If you are looking for legitimate health care that will provide you with quality service and the newest in technology and patient care, then look no further than This innovative telemedicine provider will give you access to doctors, prescription refills, health history, and more every hour of every day.

Newest in Technology

This telemedicine group has been built with the most innovative and trusted technology to date. If you are a member of this health care group, you will experience the swiftness of the CADR + system, have the ability to make immediate contact with doctors, be able to view your own personal health record and ask questions any time day or night. These features and physicians will provide you with thorough care, advice and treatment plans.

How it Works

EverdayMD can sell telemedicine programs as a reseller to hospitals, clinics, employers, and health plans. These programs can benefit many people such as:

  • Students-college students unable to afford insurance can find quality and affordable care
  • Companies-it increases worker productivity, lessens absences, and decreases health insurance costs
  • Rural residents-families and individuals can benefit from quick and accessible care 24/7
  • Elderly or housebound-senior citizens without transportation can talk to physicians over the phone or through email

These are just a few of the benefits and advantages of this new and legitimate form of health care. Telemedicine is truly a unique opportunity for all people to have access to affordable and quality medical services no matter where they live or how much money they make.