Homeowners Insurance Protects from Winter’s Risks

The paraphernalia of the holidays is packed away, and after a season of long lines, never-ending gift lists and way too many waist-expanding treats, it is time to return the house and your life to some semblance of normal. With the new year, it’s time to make a new list – one that is truly important, as it helps safeguard many of the things that you hold dear. This list includes reviewing your home insurance in CT policy with your professional insurance agent. A review doesn’t take a tremendous amount of time, yet in return you could get a major return in terms of protection.

Many hazards are covered to protect life’s biggest investment

Keep in mind, the purchase of a home is typically the single-most expensive expenditure that people will make in their lifetime. And in the dead of winter, just think about some of the damages that could occur: For example, theft of all those fabulous electronics that everyone got this past Christmas. (You did dispose of all the gift boxes in a trash can away from your home, didn’t you? Otherwise you’re essentially advertising to thieves that an Ipad, an Xbox, and a 60″ high-definition television are inside, ripe for the taking.)

Storm activity is frequent and fierce at this time of year, and damage from wind or rain can cost thousands of dollars to repair. Extreme cold can result in water becoming so cold that it breaks the pipes. Your dining room, living room, basement, or other areas are instantly transformed into a mini lake. And if this happens while you are away for a few days visiting Grandma, you could come home to a particularly nasty surprise that has had enough time to seep into the walls that mold is now a consideration besides the water damage.

That cozy fire to take the chill off and cast a warm glow while you have a few friends over to play canasta? A chimney blockage that ends up with the family room in flames is just one more disaster you weren’t counting on.

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Fortunately, for these and a myriad of other risks including liability, home insurance in CT can offer protection and real peace of mind. It’s important to review your policy periodically to update coverage in reflection of changes in your circumstances. Turn to a professional insurance agent, who can offer valuable guidance as well as information on how to help keep your home safe and sound.