We Hope You Don't Have Business on The 405 Today

The notorious traffic jams in Los Angeles are well known enough, but what happens when there’s a large construction project? LA is a metropolis, so surely there must be a bit of construction on both the streets and roads across this massive sprawling city.

Turns out there is, and beginning this Friday on the 25th is the start of one of these projects, the so called “Century Crunch”.

The horrible thing about this, according to centurycrunch.com is that it will be near one of the most active airports in the country: LAX. Horrifying.

As journal members know, a lot of research is done both in Northern and Southern California; and a lot of our submissions actually come from the LA area. As we’re heading out for a conference there tomorrow, we look forward to having a humidity-free experience, but the traffic, I’m sure will test our patience and curiosities. One can only have so much of either.

So until our next posting we say to you, drive carefully, and see you on the 405. Most likely we’ll be stuck a couple cars behind you.