How to Choose The Right Marina or Yacht Club to Join

marina liability insurance

Marinas and yacht clubs are exclusive social clubs designed for nautical newbies and experienced sea lovers alike. Activities can range from sailing, fishing, power boating, racing events, as well as programs for junior water lovers. Your local marina or yacht club may even offer a swimming pool as an additional membership benefit. Many clubs also have restaurant and dining options for members and guests.

So how do you pick which marina or yacht club to join? Here are some of the major things to consider:

  • Cost: Pick a club that you can afford so it doesn’t become a financial burden.
  • Location: If you choose a club that is a great distance from your home you may never use it.
  • Amenities: What kinds of programs do they offer? Do they allow junior memberships (if applicable)?
  • Management: Is the club well run? Does it have adequate marina liability insurance to protect members, staff and property? Are the finances well managed?

Once you do a little homework and consider your options for marina and yacht club membership you are likely to find a group that will meet your needs and become a great source of entertainment and recreation for you and your family.