How To Protect Your Company From Social Engineering Attacks

Experts predict that the annual cost of cybercrime will rise to $10.5 trillion worldwide by 2025. Social engineering attacks, which involve criminals preying on human vulnerabilities, are recognized as a top threat facing companies today. However, there are steps you can take to protect your business.

Arm Employees With Knowledge

Humans are both the target of and top defense against social engineering criminals. Communicating regularly with employees and keeping them trained and informed on recognizing the signs of a social engineering attack will strengthen the organization’s defenses. Consider bringing in a cybersecurity professional to go over common weak spots and how to not fall prey to these assaults.

Encourage Caution

Train staff to think twice before replying to unsolicited calls, emails, texts, and other messages. Even if someone is insistent that a matter is urgent, let employees know it’s considered a best practice to first verify a person’s identity before complying with a request.

Segment and Separate

While humans are the first line of defense against social engineering attacks, technological security can also be useful. Give employees access only to the systems they need to do their work by using network segmentation. By doing so, you help ensure that if an employee does unknowingly take the bait of a cybercriminal, you’ll be mitigating potential damage by design.