Implementing a Useful Insurance Agency Marketing Plan

As part of their insurance agency marketing plan many agencies have implemented a drip  marketing program. Many agents believe this to be an excellent way to feed leads into a sales funnel, eventually turning them into prospects, and finally, clients. Drip marketing is considered a great way to close sales, grow revenues and build your book of business. Some of the most successful drip-marketing programs create multiple campaigns, each with their own specific themes, their goal being to target a specific audience.

Why engage in drip marketing?

Drip marketing provides many benefits. It helps to build lasting relationships, improves client retention, allows the agency to solicit feedback from customers (which can help develop product or service enhancements), establishes credibility as a knowledgeable source of information, and helps to engage new leads and nurture profitable relationships.


A strategy that provides opportunities to grow your practice

By promoting an upcoming event, a drip marketing campaign is an excellent opportunity to provide contacts with more information and get them excited about attending. By keeping conversations on topic, and keeping them short, it will help to keep the audience’s attention and increase the likelihood they’ll participate. Drip marketing campaigns are an opportunity to learn more about clients and prospects, get their feedback on insurance-related issues they may be having, and provide them opportunity to share their experiences, all of which can be quite advantageous.

There can be a downside to this type of campaign as well. Email blasts are great, but remember don’t be too pushy. If the message recipients believe the emails are just there to sell them, they’ll quickly learn to ignore them. An essential part of your plan should be to map out a message delivery timeline that doesn’t overwhelm people with tons of emails. A good rule of thumb is to send no more than one email a week.

Attempt to craft your messages so that they resonate with the individual receiving them, so remember to be thoughtful and develop messages that are specific to each contact type.

Occasionally, try to mix it up. Test and try out new messages, formats and subject lines.

Finally, be original. Sending the same email out more than once can be counter-productive and may also impact credibility. Remember, a repeat of the same email only increases the chances that future messages will go unread. Insurance agency marketing can actually be a fun way to get your message out there, and social media is another great outlet for accomplishing this.