Improving Your Current Insurance Telemarketing Plan

Those in the business of selling insurance are wise to implement insurance telemarketing in order to help sell their products. Whether working on Internet generated insurance leads, client and customer referrals, or advertising through community involvement, the use of telemarketing as a tool to get information to potential clients can garner some much-needed results.

Agencies will often start a dialogue with their new leads and, if they provide the right level of knowledge with products of interests, will often be able to close the deal with the interested parties. Business owners utilize this system frequently, but using these helpful tips can improve the entire telemarketing experience.

Phone contact can be a significant factor to increased sales

Remember when placing a call to always use good manners. Whenever you dial up a new insurance lead always ask the person if they have a few minutes to talk because, if they are busy they might not appreciate it if you immediately go into a sales pitch. If this is the case, ask him or her when would be a better time to call back. Giving them control of the situation will likely result in their being appreciative of your good manners.

Teach your agents not to sound like an automated system or scripted. Conversations should always ebb and flow, and this is accomplished by asking questions, as well as listening and taking note of the responses, which enables the agent to establish a dialogue with the lead.

They should also know enough about the product so that they can go off script when necessary. Agents can also benefit from the use of reference tools to ensure that they are confident and capable of going off script when it becomes necessary.

Use your best sales agents in certain situations

With insurance telemarketing leads remember to utilize your best sales executive when a really good opportunity presents itself. It’s important to have an experienced sales executive who knows how to close the deal. This will also enable newer sales staff to learn how to nurture leads without being too promotional, and build or maintain relationships and close on sales without being too aggressive or presumptuous in their efforts.

Lastly, never have an agent end a call without asking for referrals, or asking if there’s anything else they can do for their prospect. By simply accepting this single sale your agency could very well be leaving money on the table.