Why Insurance Email Marketing is Still Relevant

These days, it seems like everything is moving more and more towards social and mobile media. Because of this more traditional forms of marketing seem to becoming more obsolete in the eyes of marketers. At this point, people are even questioning the viability of insurance email marketing. However, these avenues can still prove very useful in the digital age.


Email actually remains a marketing method that has one of the highest returns on investment and also provides the most measureable marketing tools. According to McKinsey & Co, insurance email marketing is actually 40 times more effective than both Facebook and Twitter in terms of getting new customers.


There are several ways that insurance email marketing actually outperforms methods such as social media include:


  • Key email marketing metrics that monitor each individuals unique open, bounce, click through, unsubscribe, and conversion rates. They also can tell marketers what percentage of people actually opened the email, something that is not available with a Facebook post or tweet.
  • Relevant content for each customer because it is easier to personalize an email for a specific group of people that other groups would not see, whereas with social media, it is much harder to keep posts within certain target audiences

In order to completely maximize the benefits of insurance email marketing, companies should:


  • Get list management software to keep track of subscribers
  • Get email broadcasting software to allow an unlimited number of messages to be sent to an unlimited number of people
  • Get opt-in form creation software to help develop your email list
  • Entice potential customers with great content that talks about the industry or product developments
  • Have great offers for consumers so they are drawn in by the potential savings that they can get by going to that specific company
  • Establish a regular timetable that doesn’t bombard subscribers with emails and that doesn’t send emails during traditionally busy times of the day or parts of the week.
  • Establish a desired size for the list of subscribers


While the world may be fixated on the growth of social media, and especially on its potential in the marketing world, email is still largely viable as an option for marketing due to the fact that most people check their email daily. With the advent of smart phones, people probably check their email several times per day.

photo credit: jlconfor cc