Insurance Is a Part of the Orlando Lifestyle

Judy and Jeff, two newcomers from upstate New York, roll into town, and they proceed to go down their checklist: New condo or house? Check.  New car? Check.  New bike? Check. With just those few check-marks, it’s obvious that Orlando insurance  should be at the top of the checklist as well. Coverage is part of everyday living for those who are concerned about protecting their investments, whether it is their home and other possessions, their health, their auto, or myriad other things. Protection from Mother Nature’s worst is also a popular purchase, especially considering that the state is smack in the middle of hurricane territory as well as flood.  In some cases (for example, driving a car or owning a home), coverage to protect that item is not only a sensible position in defense of the unexpected, it is required by law.


Protection just makes sense for one’s biggest purchase

One homeowner who echoes this sentiment would have had to pay out of pocket tens of thousands of dollars to rebuild her home after a fire caused by some faulty wiring gutted the kitchen and most of the living and dining room. Because her policy was in force, though, she paid just the minimal deductible; in fact, the greatest loss she incurred was the destruction of some treasured family photos. The way this policyholder sees it, gambling belongs in Las Vegas, or perhaps New Jersey, but definitely nowhere near one’s home. In other words, why take chances when one doesn’t have to?


See a professional to learn more

Contact a professional insurance agent about Orlando insurance. He or she can provide detailed information about options, pricing, an analysis of risk and assessment of valuables, tips on how to save money (for example, bundling two or more coverages such as auto and homeowners policies), and much more. Call an agent today.

photo credit: Tom Wolf | Photography cc