Insurance Search Engine Marketing Tips

It’s no coincidence that every insurance agency on the planet makes Insurance Search Engine Marketing a prime tactic for generating traffic to their websites. Generally speaking, search engine optimization (SEO) is the best and really only way to get your insurance agency website so that it ranks highly with search providers, like Google and Yahoo.

Google and Yahoo regularly change their relevance scoring, and competitors for keywords are in abundance, including some big budget giants in the business. However, there are some budget-friendly, fundamental SEO tactics that can pay off that your insurance agency can utilize.

Your Landing Page is instrumental

A Landing Page is a place for visitors to first come across your website. It is a specially designed page for one idea, service, or product. There are a couple of areas that are of equal importance in optimizing a landing page: web page design (pages need to be laid out for people), and your web pages need to appeal to machines called crawlers, or bots that are deployed by the search engines to index your site and determine relevance to specific keyword searches. These crawlers look for certain things, so we suggest providing a site index, along with title or description tags, (usually called Meta tags). The more you can tell a search engine what they are looking at, or where to look for something, the higher relevance ranking your pages will receive.

Content is the key to keywords

The more content your site contains, the more likely one of your web pages will be found for a given search query. Realize that search engine users have become much more specific with search terms. A Google user is more likely to type in a specific phrase, like ‘How much business interruption insurance do I need for my accounting firm?’ rather than something more general like, ‘business insurance’.)

These are some basic and fundamentally sound ways to improve your Insurance Search Engine Marketing efforts. Using this information wisely can aid in boosting your rankings.