Insurance Search Engine Marketing

Independent agents and brokers everywhere see how vital the Internet is for connecting with prospects and providing service to customers all while striving to reach their potential. Since most people now research their options via the web prior to making a purchase, whether for comparisons or feedback, it’s essential to show up in the listings near the top in order to have a shot.

By implementing a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy you can make it easier for people to find you. This is vital to your Insurance Search Engine Marketing plan. People generally use a search engine to find the most popular sites, so you can really benefit by your website having a high ranking.

SEO is the online equivalent of having an office space in the center of town – it’s in a location that is easily accessible. The point is to make your agency highly visible in the ever-expanding Internet universe.

Creating a strong online presence

Essentially, your SEO strategy should elevate your firm’s placement in searches for people using specific keywords related to your line of business. Using relevant keywords entered into a search enables your site to rise higher on the list. While the major search engines don’t advertise their methodologies for determining how these placements are constructed (those algorithms are said to constantly be changing) there is a real need for agents to implement ways to increase their search engine rankings.

The most important driver in SEO is the frequency with which your site is clicked on within the search results themselves. If someone is searching for business insurance in your zip code and your site appears in the results and is clicked on often, then your ranking in that search engine will continue to elevate.
Another important way to rank higher in search results is by the number of, and popularity of, other websites linked to yours that help to drive traffic to your site. Having strong relationships with a number of different organizations is extremely helpful, and it can be critical to focus on securing prominent links from other respective websites. Insurance Search Engine Marketing is a key to your survival in today’s competitive marketplace.