Job Placement and Temporary Staffing Insurance

The percentage of the workforce in temporary employment is somewhere between two and four percent, and for those looking for work these are encouraging statistics. Temp staffing companies rely on skilled individuals that can fill the gaps for clients who are experiencing a work shortage due to illness, vacations, and other reasons as to why regular employees are not able to report to work.

Temporary staffing insurance is a valuable product that enables these businesses to protect themselves when there are issues with temp workers, whether it is accidents occurring on the job, clients complaining that temp workers are responsible for financial losses, or injuries that require medical attention.


Full-time work can be difficult for experienced workers to find


While the job market may be improving, it’s a good thing that these jobs are available, because, for a lot of people, it may be the only work currently available. Lay-offs are still happening in major industries. Microsoft recently cut nearly 18,000 jobs. It’s dynamic, because people are moving around, which is a healthy thing rather than a situation where the whole job scene is very stagnant, where there are only a few routes available to get permanent jobs. The temp market is, at times, comparably less shaky than the full-time job market.
Low-wage workers share many of the problems that temporary workers experience in general. A lot of temps have had permanent jobs that are no more permanent or secure. The work conditions aren’t always particularly better. Very often with permanent jobs, like most temporary jobs, health coverage isn’t always available. So, temp work can look even more appealing because it can be a chance to graduate to become a permanent worker where health benefits may also be offered.
Some agencies specifically advertise that they recruit for temp-to-permanent jobs, whereas the actual rates of turnover to permanent jobs can be quite low. But there is something real and useful about that market niche – many companies today prefer to hire temporary workers over hiring permanent workers, because the cost and the risks of hiring permanent workers are often too high. In any case, the most successful temp agencies carry temporary staffing insurance to avoid costly losses due to everything from professional liability issues to injuries to their employees.

photo credit: Royal Sapien cc