The Laws Behind Workers Comp Insurance

New York workers comp provides coverage for employees who are injured on the job while performing their work duties. Employers that have more than three employees are required by federal law to provide workers compensation insurance for all full-time workers. A workers comp package must provide coverage for the following costs incurred by an injured employee.


Medical Costs


Medical costs are incurred almost any time an employee files for workers comp, because even non-serious injuries are should generally be checked out by a doctor before the employee returns to work. New York workers comp covers all medical costs related to the injury, from that initial check-up through rehabilitation.


Wage Replacement


If the employee misses a significant amount of work while recuperating from his or her injury, workers compensation pays a portion of the wages he or she missed out on earning. Wage replacement is generally paid as a percentage of regular wages.


Vocational Retraining


In the event that the injury makes it impossible for the worker to return to his or her former job, workers comp may cover retraining so that the worker can become qualified to take another position at the company.


Other Costs


Any other costs incurred by the injured worker may be covered by workers comp. These costs are generally assessed on a case-by-case basis and not paid out without adequate documentation.


Make sure that your business has adequate and affordable New York workers comp to protect both your employees and the business’ bottom line.


photo credit: kevin dooley cc