Liability Concerns and Laundromat Insurance

Owning a laundromat comes with rewards as well as concerns as there are several liability issues that surround owning and operating a business of this type. As the owner, you’re likely to be held responsible when anyone is injured, or for property damage occurring while on the premises. This is especially the case when a person is a victim due to something that occurs as a direct result of using your equipment.

Other concerns surround the possibility that there are hazards present for which you, as the owner, should have been aware of, and taken the necessary steps to remove such hazards, as well as post signs to warn customers of the existence of any potential dangers. These are prime examples of why you need Laundromat insurance coverage since you could be liable for injuries to people that were caused by your negligence.

Safety is an important aspect of any business

Being the owner of a company means having a duty to keep the premises reasonably safe, which can only benefit you and keep you from becoming involved in what could result in a costly lawsuit. For example, by failing to inspect and maintain equipment used by the general public you would be deemed responsible for injuries caused by any of the machines in your care.

Most states regulate laundromats to ensure that the premises are kept clean, well lit, and properly ventilated as added safety measures. Some states also require that an attendant be present during normal business hours. Whether or not a laundromat complies with the regulations will often have an affect on its owner’s liability.

Some common injuries that occur at laundromats

Due to water being a necessary component of this type of business, common injuries include slip and fall accidents from wet floors. In addition, accidents may occur due to dangerous conditions such as poor lighting, electrical shock from loose wires, and the possibility of getting hands or fingers caught in defective machines.

The owner must maintain machines that are fit, suitable, and safe for washing and drying. If the machines don’t operate properly then the owner has a responsibility to correct the problem. If not, he or she will likely be liable for any damage to clothing or other personal belongings.

Running a safe business isn’t always easy, but it is key to being successful, and Laundromat insurance is part of the equation. Speak to an agent about any and all available coverages.