What Linen Supply Companies Need to Know About Insurance

The number of industries that rely on linen supply services is large and growing. The successful operation of hospitals, prisons, spas, hotels and restaurants is intertwined with each business’ ability to procure clean linens daily. Yet linen supply services can break down at any point. That’s why linen supply companies insurance is a critical need for linen service providers.

Many Reasons Insurance Is Needed

Linen supply companies experience risk to the business at multiple points during service. During transit, linens can be lost or damaged due to employee mistakes, and company vehicles can experience collisions or mechanical problems that crimp a business’ ability to serve its customers. Employees are subject to risk when retrieving soiled linens, whether caused by biohazards or back injuries. The cleaning process can result in burns or chemical exposure to workers. Employees could slip and fall, experience noise pollution or be exposed to sharp objects.

Types of Insurance Available

A qualified insurance provider can help you develop an insurance policy that meets your needs. You can obtain general liability insurance, business property insurance, workers’ compensation insurance and commercial auto insurance. You may even opt for cyber or crime liability insurance.

A problem or interruption in linen service can cause a catastrophe for a large facility such as a hospital, and it may also cause you to lose ongoing clients. Regardless of whether you are cleaning and delivering tablecloths or towels, your business needs linen supply companies insurance.